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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 11:08

1 100 Infant Heart Patient

1 100 Infant Heart Patient
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Congenital heart disease risk seen yaklaşık100 live births, indicating that the first private European Hospital Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Dr.

Adana news: Congenital heart disease risk seen yaklaşık100 live births, indicating that the first private European Hospital Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Dr. Hasan trust, families of children from birth warned of heart checked.
DR. Trust, said in a statement, in our country, 160 hours per year on average 1.4 million babies born annually 14 thousand Given that heart disease was noted that the baby's born. In children, the most common heart disease symptoms in infancy rapid breathing, sucking difficulties, excessive sweating, bruising and murmur stated that the Trust, weight gain, frequent illness conditions such as congenital heart disease can be originated from reported.
Children"Murmur of"emphasizing that it is not a disease but a symptom of disease DR. Hasan Trust,"your child's heart murmur is heard at the heart of the holes may be completely normal, can also be found (innocent murmur). American Pediatric Association innocent murmur diagnosis of Pediatric Cardiology by the specialist should be put have reported. Murmurs children do with echocardiography evaluation is necessary,"he said.
within the first 30 days of life, 15 percent of infant deaths caused by congenital heart disease, Dr. explaining. Hasan Trust, said:
"Especially life in the first month congenital heart disease have no symptoms may not. Therefore to infants within 30 days will be held echocardiographic examination of congenital heart disease diagnosed in the exact method is one of the. These views by the mother and the baby's organs a There is no harm. pregnant safely in implementation and processing Fetal Echocardiography is called.
school children in the period in heart disease is chest pain, palpitations, fatigue, faintness again murmur symptoms such as foreground stand out. your children before taking even if you have school age 'll make an echocardiographic examination can prevent sudden death in sports field in the future."
DR. Hasan trust of society, 20 per cent affecting the rhythm disorder in the womb occur even if you could attract attention,"Baby In extreme restlessness, heart rate is fast, sucking difficulties, bruising, etc. symptoms can be shown. Therefore kindergarten at the beginning of the ECG withdrawal and pediatric cardiology specialist physician assessment is important. childhood and adolescence, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, energy drinks contain caffeine, especially can lead to rhythm disturbances,"he said.
our age, heart function, obesity is one of the factors affecting the worst Dr. emphasizes. Hasan Trust, the description said:
"in our society like an avalanche increasing obesity, hypertension in children, insulin resistance and associated diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, as the disease leads to. Vascular stiffness is no longer starts in childhood is certain that, unless otherwise indicated. For this reason our children regularly to engage in sports and balanced diet accustom should. child obese tension ölçtür's, fasting blood glucose, insulin levels and cholesterol in the Turn heads. liver steatosis in terms of Abdominal USG Subscribe.
particular team and competition sports will make children and young people before the ECG, and echocardiographic and Pediatric Cardiology to be examined by experts of the untoward incidents that may arise is essential for early diagnosis and treatment."
of congenital heart disease in the mother's womb takes the first place among the most common abnormalities stated that the DR. Hasan trust,"Congenital heart disease 90 percent of the low-risk group in normal pregnant women emerges. However, the high risk group (35 and older pregnancy, consanguinity, USG suspicious findings on those, rhythm disorders, IVF etc) in pregnant women clearly seen are increasing in frequency,"he said.
DR. Hasan trust in pregnancy, fetal echocardiography as a screening test for congenital heart disease (heart of the detailed examination of the baby in the womb) 16 week said could be done. Trust,"this process by pediatric cardiologists are made with 95 percent success. Fetal echocardiographic examination is appropriate for all persons who are pregnant,"he said.

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