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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 13:59

1 out of every 8 women at risk of breast cancer

1 out of every 8 women at risk of breast cancer
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Medical Oncology Specialist Dr.

Samsun news: Medical Oncology Specialist Dr. Wish Erdem, a woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer is 12 percent , it's also one of every eight women in the breast cancer meant to be seen , he said.
Medical Park Samsun Hospital Clinic specializing in Medical Oncology . Dr. Wish Virtue \"breast cancer\"briefed . Dr. Virtue in a statement , \"Breast cancer in women with the most common is cancer. Often increasing but death from breast cancer is decreasing. This is why early detection and screening methods and more effective treatments are . A woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer is 12 percent . This all 8 one woman in means of breast cancer , \"he said .
known cause of a large proportion of breast cancer that said Dr. Wish Virtue, \"However, many risk factors have been identified. These risk factors, some of the female gender , increasing age , young breast cancer family history, early menstruation , late menopause , first child at a late age of giving birth , prolonged hormonal therapy , previous to the chest wall rays to be taken of the nozzle of benign diseases, mammography as a breast density increased as the appearance and genetic mutations. women and increasing age all other factors of breast cancer development only minor roles have , \"he said .
Exp . Dr. Wish Erdem said:\"Families a strong history of breast cancer in women who guide in accordance with the examination and breast cancer prevention strategies at an early age the application must start . Breast cancer with a close relative , the number of degree of closeness , breast cancer age is important. Breast cancer age sooner the familial cancer likely they will increase. Kinship terms , especially mothers , sisters , aunts and aunts daughter is important . these stories of people with breast examination and screening to earlier ages should be taken. breast cancer that exists in benign (benign) disease necessarily close follow-up will be necessary . Women's breasts careful and be conscious and the breast in the slightest change health professionals and in the shortest time share is required. \"
every woman at least once a breast examination that you need to Dr. Wish Erdem finished by saying:\"The 40 women over the age annual breast examination and mammography screening is recommended. Annual screening mammography of the disease at an early stage diagnosis , while at the same time the patient less aggressive treatments and wider treatment options with ensures . Annual mammography better will have consequences it is believed two years ago because of breast examination , mammography detected breast lesions is capable of . \"

1 out of every 8 women at risk of breast cancer" comments for.


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