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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 10:16

10 Ways to Increase the amount of fluid in the body

10 Ways to Increase the amount of fluid in the body
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Acibadem Adana Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Ozgokce Fadime Senses , the most important task is to balance the body's heat in the required amount of water being taken out invitations to major health problems reported.

Adana news: Acibadem Adana Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Fadime Ozgokce Senses , the most important task of body heat to balance the water, the necessary amount taken in the major health problems have invited reported.
Senses , in his statement , in the summer, sweating, the body's water loss is significantly increased , especially in the summer so should be consumed 2 liters of fluid a day to do , he said.
In healthy individuals, the body of water in age, body weight, pregnancy and lactation status vary according to , but under normal circumstances this ratio drop below 60 should be stressed that the Senses , water the most important tasks of the body heat balance is to ensure that drew attention . Senses , \"However, the water in the body, waste materials from the body to clear , joint work easier and skin moisture protection ensures that ,\"he said .
Temperature increases in the summer sweating loss of water to regain the 2 liters daily fluid intake to note that it had been noted Senses , \"especially engaged in sports or day of the important parts out there who loss of liquid multiply . to avoid this, fluid intake must be increased ,\"he said .
Write often sea or into the pool , cool in resorts with or conditioned medium in which they live feeling of coolness due to the thirst that they can pointing Senses , \"this is misleading the person's fluid is lost truth does not change . the body loses water self-feeling of weakness is showing through . for this reason, especially in the summer for receiving fluid thirst is unlikely ,\"he said .
< strong> THIS ADVICE body fluids increase the amount of
Nutrition and Diet Expert Fadime Ozgokce Senses summer fluid consumption to increase 10 path as follows:
\"-Liquid need to best meet the nutrient water . Therefore, the liquid to meet the need at least 2 liters of water consumed .
-In the morning on an empty stomach consumed one glass of water , day refreshed to start helping .
-Meals for about 10 minutes before drinking the water , makes you feel full because smaller portions and stay satiated helps .
-between meals, drinking water , metabolism easier to mingle and intestines more regular work allows .
-Liquid meet the needs believed that tea , coffee , cola, caffeinated beverages such as diuretics feature of being carries . So our body more easily disposing of the water and causes fluid loss is accelerating. Therefore, they prefer fruit tea can be consumed as a cold more useful .
-Caffeine intake to reduce water retention in the body makes . Caffeine is completely could not leave each 2 cups of caffeinated beverage consumption after a strong first glass of water is required.
-Water added into the mint, cinnamon, cloves , such as flavored vegetable or fruit particles with drinking water more enjoyable and makes it easier and benefit increases . < br/>-Buttermilk, along with loss of fluid lost minerals also makes it easier to put in place .
-Summer fruits are high liquid content . Therefore, between meals prepared from fresh fruit drinks important to choose . Who pay attention to the weight of the fresh fruit instead of fruit juices to consume increasing fluid intake and provide a feeling of fullness .
-Little reminders to remember to drink water use provides benefit . For example, in the refrigerator , desk phone , or put little notes , which makes it easier to remember to drink water rate increases from thirst . \"

10 Ways to Increase the amount of fluid in the body" comments for.


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