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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 16:52

10 years after the first silk was brought into Egypt

10 years after the first silk was brought into Egypt
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Bursa has a history of two thousand years of cultural heritage in the village of Egypt prepared to face the day to remove the \"100% Misia Project\"gave the first fruits .

Bursa news: The region's historical source of income that sericulture Missile women at the hands came to life again .
Nilüfer Municipality , Anadolu Efes , Culture and Tourism Ministry and the United Nations Development Programme in collaboration with the local development to support the implementation of the'Future of Tourism Sustainable Tourism Support Fund'the first period of the project \"100% Misia \"the preparation process has been completed. Sericulture workshops and stores , as well as in a restaurant where Misi silk and cocoon Houses opening of Nilüfer Municipality Mayor Mustafa Bozbey with the participation took place.
The region's historical source of income that sericulture reviving and female labor evaluated a sample of tourism modeled stating Nilufer Municipality Mayor Mustafa Bozbey , \"kept women at home , but holds a sense we have . Here missile of our women that our understanding of how right we were laid out and a great job they did. , I believe, green and historic beauty of this project will revive the sericulture and enjoy the non-satisfaction cuisine for many years, we have maintained façade rehabilitation and restoration of our work , right next to our camper to the field of Egypt , the very near future, a worldwide tourist destination will be , \"he said .
Cocoon and Silk of the House by Nilufer Municipality restored , however, that expressing Mustafa Bozbey regained the historical texture of Misia , he said. President Bozbey, \"creek located on the edge of private property in the tea gardens we şuyulandır with the work to the public and gave . These regions are going to do recreational studies , these areas for public use will open . Prepared projects we have in the framework region, walkways , parking , picnic and recreation areas will do,\"he said.
Anadolu Efes, Corporate Communications Manager Icon Balaban, the \"In 2007, our country's sustainable tourism potential in the successful models in order to create the Ministry of Culture and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP ) in collaboration with the'Future of Tourism'project started. \"Future of Tourism sustainable Tourism Support Fund'of our project the most powerful aspect of the local civil society organizations and public institutions and local solutions to the problems to be looking . participation of local people and local government support very important factor. 100% Misia project is also in this respect a very good example . this year we have supported three projects , one of % 100 Misia Project Misia's being a tourism center a great contribution to believe that , \"he said .
Misia Project owner, Nilufer Misi Village Women's Culture and Solidarity Association Chairman Nagihan Carpenter also \"100% Misia with the project \"in our village and perpetuates the legacy of our ancestors as well as contribute to the family economy ,\"he said .

10 years after the first silk was brought into Egypt" comments for.


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