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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:18

101 Municipal Environmental Cleaning Tools Distribution Ceremony

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Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce , \"Which party çocuğuyuz If we let this land , it has become the country's chest embossed us ,\"he said .

Ankara news:
Gölbaşı Environmental Reference Laboratory, 101 municipal environmental sanitation vehicle distribution ceremony was held . Turnkey , who attended the Environment and Urban Planning Minister Güllüce in his speech , his third term as mayor , reminding \"Both in my personal life and my professional life I always from the bottom began . Mayor've done during 6 months in the toilet , not six square meters in a room 200 thousand close staff I directed . wish our state facilities are very spacious though municipalities plentifully and Herzegovina them , \"he said .
\"At the moment we are 1.5 million guests , overlooking Africa's poorest countries $ 2.3 billion indirect transfer resources a country that had . therefore which party If we let this land çocuğuyuz country, this becomes all the chest of relief , \"he Güllüce , \"Political our insights may be different , but our flag , our homeland and destiny is the same. country with all pride we have to , \"he said .
Municipal facilities increased subsidies Güllüce indicating that the increase , \"the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization your self your slot . friend with you all our . We will work together to make more of , \"he said.
After the speeches, the Minister Güllüce , riding a cleaning tool was run . Later tools were delivered to the municipalities .

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