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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:16

103 defendants began on February 28 case, the identification is done

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February 28 process, for allegedly attempting to overthrow the government began the first hearing of the case against 103 people.

Ankara 13 Heavy Criminal Court litigation will continuous until September 6. Identification with the beginning of the trial of the accused were put 103.

total of 103 accused in the case, it was decided to release 75 prisoners fled before about 37. The case is still under the 38 defendants in detention. Ankara Courthouse tools prison detainees were brought before the start of the trial. Extensive security measures were taken in front of the Palace of Justice.

the hearing, the defendants and their relatives and members of the press being detained and released pending. CHP Tunceli deputy Kamer Genc Mahmut Tanal with hearing or watching. During a rally, the defendant's attorneys applauded the courtroom.

courtroom audio system, on the other hand there was the problem. The court found the defendant's lawyers offered to talk mic head. Technical teams began working to resolve the issue. Will continue to resolving the problem of identification.

hearing room was created by combining the two courts. Was founded in the courtroom for the viewers cinevision. All images in the courtroom is recorded. Cevik Bir, former HEC Chairman Kemal Gürüz sat to the left. Teoman Koman are also available. Gendarmerie, the defendants took security measures behind.

date of the last post-modern coup 28 S. February The process began 16 years after the trial. 103 asked the defendant to life imprisonment on charges of coup attempt. Number one suspect in the case of the Chief of General Staff retired Gen. Ismail Hakki Karadayı period. Attend the hearing on the grounds that Karadayı-report.

indictment of the era, especially the Deputy Prime Minister Tansu MHP Deputy Interior Minister Meral Akşener, former ministers, Hasan Jalal's fine, Teoman Riza Guney, Sevket Kazan and parliamentary election in Parliament, but can not swear Merve Kavakçı 481 people are taking part in, including the victim.

Ankara Public Prosecutor's Office conducted an investigation, the lawyer on the criminal complaint Akyol Yunus started. Then, in 2012, the first wave operation was performed on April 12. During the investigation, including retired Gen. Cevik Bir, Erdal Ceylanoğlu, Cetin Dogan, Teoman Koman, and retired Maj. Gen. Fevzi Türkeri Erol Özkasnak MHP I Istanbul deputy Kemal Gürüz'ün retired Lt. Gen. Engin Alan, and the former President of the Council of Higher Education, including 76 people were arrested.

suspect as a statement of the former Chief of General Staff retired Gen. Ismail Hakki judicial control Karadayı decision was released.

at the end of the investigation by public prosecutors Mustafa Kemal Cetin knowledgeable and prepared the indictment, on 22 May 2013 sent to the Ankara 13th High Criminal Court. The indictment, the defendants, by force to overthrow the government of the Republic of Turkey, was asked to reduce the participation of aggravated life imprisonment. The court has accepted the indictment. The death of Colonel Mehmet Haşimoğlu remaining 75 defendants, 38 were detained were released.

103 defendants began on February 28 case, the identification is done" comments for.


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