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  • 11 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 12:16

104 Academic Publications in 2013 was held

104 Academic Publications in 2013 was held
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Mugla University Deputy Rector Prof. Kocman Sıtkı.

Muğla news: Mugla University Deputy Rector Prof. Kocman Sıtkı. Dr.. Yusuf Ziya Erdiller, broadcast academics and students Kocman Sıtkı VIP Lounge held at the Palace met at breakfast. They have made in the year 2013 with the publication of scientific studies contributing to the 104 academics come together to breakfast, the former rector Prof. Dr.. Harmandar Mansur also attended. Traditionally a breakfast of
and their valuable contributions to the work because of all the Deputy Rector Prof. Says Thank You to academics. Dr.. Yusuf Ziya Erdiller,"and his studies and publications as well as the job of being the architect of the so Mr. Mansur Hocamızı this meeting, we invited. R & D, Vice Rector, Mustafa Işılıoğl my teacher, and we, here in the precious our friends of the University locomotive as we see. Because the university's core functions first of the research and development, other education and the other services to the community is. academic publications, and education, as well as mainly research and development in the sense of us is of great interest. around the world all ratings in academic journals, these publications in indexes to be scanned and especially with a doctorate personnel number of publications on the relationship between serious cared for,"he said.
them when tackling just to broadcast, not the work done benefits to the society in terms of very great importance, especially in recent years serious about it some distance expressed that they Erdiller ,"within 2013 over 200 indexed publication have. Publication our numbers the last 3 years later, almost tripled have. projects our numbers again seriously is growing, but we have potential much more. currently within 2013 104 academic staff publications have contributed. Universities About 500 'Situated on doctorate academic staff 20 percent of the university's index broadcast all of the doing. Makes our friends than we per person over 2 an index publications are falling, it is really very important. Dec. newcomers friends of this process in the following years would be included, considering we actually existing situation much better situation. academicians, labs and productive projects increases our jump we too will be faster. doing with their studies significant contribution academicians, both in Turkey and in the world more than it would be desirable,"he said.
Due to his publications stating that he was invited to this meeting former Rector. Dr.. Harmandar Mansur,"Rector first year of broadcasting in friends gathered together the number of publications on how we could increase to discuss these meetings we held. University's most important events which made the results of studies published in scientific articles, a university's quality shows. We this publication about increasing our efforts have shown . This type of broadcasting academics, especially TUBITAK and Sitka Kocman Foundation is supported by. We also do our best in this way to support've tried. Future for planning a get together and talk at this point is very important,"he said.

104 Academic Publications in 2013 was held" comments for.


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