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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:57

107 matches in 21 Week 5 Goal 2 Goal Atan from Bakambu

107 matches in 21 Week 5 Goal 2 Goal Atan from Bakambu
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The match against Bursaspor Balıkesirspor rival nets aired 3 times Bakamb young players showed success throwing the last 2 weeks 5 goals .

Bursa news: Green-white team came as France team FC Sochaux club 107 official appearances Bakamb was lived only 21 times in MLS . Photo Spor Toto Super League in 7.hafta away Balıkesirspor in different defeated green-and-white , young players Bakamb of continues to dominate the league goals scored . Showed last week played Eskisehirspor match the rival nets 2 times ventilate the 23-year-old striker success throwing 3 goals in Balıkesirspor match in Bursa. Photo CAREER FIRST to unleash coach in the remaining weeks of the Photo League Senol find talented players a chance to form a 5 match from the sun stayed in the 342-minute pitch . Balıkesirspor match aired on rival nets 3 times Bakamb of Cedric , also experienced a first in his career. Striker has been demonstrated successfully making first hat-trick appeared on 112 games during his career. Photo CRITICISM OF HAD the subject of criticism by being ineffective in the first 3 ways to score in the match played in Photo Bursaspor young players , gave hope for the future performance of the last two weeks . Also Bakamb , Bursaspor came as FC Sochaux team up by 107 in the match had taken only 21 goals .
Cedric BAKAMB is WHO? Photo was born in France on April 11, 1991 1.83 m forward of the neck actress, wearing a uniform in the back of the right-left, and forward locations. France's Junior National Team U18-U19 and U20 age categories in football midfielder , FC Sochaux appeared 107 times in official competitions and club rival nets aired 21 times.

107 matches in 21 Week 5 Goal 2 Goal Atan from Bakambu" comments for.


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