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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:15

11 million pounds from the Directorate of Food, Agriculture Project

11 million pounds from the Directorate of Food, Agriculture Project
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Samsun Provincial Director of Food Agriculture and Livestock Kadir Trust , \"in the year 2014 the total amount of 11 million 386 thousand pounds to implement 22 projects continue to work ,\"he said .

Samsun news:
2014 studies providing information on the Samsun Food , Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Kadir Trust , \"the year 2014 in the total amount of 11 million 386 thousand pounds of the 22 projects implemented are trying to take . 140 thousand 950 pounds grant Vegetable Production Development and Plant Health Services, Crop production Development Project , Demonstrations and Chemical Fertilizer Analysis , Organic Farming Promotion and Control Project. Meadow Pasture and Forage Crops production Development Project, clover, sainfoin, vetch, Hungarian vetch, corn silage production development and silage construction work . Environmental Purposes land Protection project, Good Agricultural Practices Expansion and Seed Development projects work to continue , \"he said .
Livestock and Fisheries Production Development Services, Food and Inspection Service and Agricultural Reform project provides information about the Samsun Food Agriculture and Livestock Director Kadir Trust, said:\"139 thousand 500 pounds, with allowance for the Improvement of Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture Production Services under the progeny testing , and initial generation pedigree index operations . Aquaculture Development Project under the supervision of facilities , assessment of demand for aquaculture and statistical studies . Project Development Control Service fisheries protection and control services and water pollution control work . Support of Agricultural Education and Extension Service Project of women farmers and agricultural extension projects and Administrative Capacity Development Project . 383 thousand 300 pounds subsidized food and Inspection Service on Plant Health and Practices Monitoring Project , Seed and product spraying, space spraying, tree spraying, mischievous animal culling and prediction early warning system works. Animal Diseases and Pests Project , alum , sheep-goat pox , rabies Keleviz vaccine, tick the struggle for pets spraying studies and animal health screening studies. \"
Food inspection services under the food production and outlets of the controls explaining trust , said completed:
\"10 million 722 thousand 761 pounds of Agrarian Reform Project under the Land Consolidation Project, Bafra Plain Participants Land Consolidation Project, Bafra Plain Land Consolidation Project, Amasya Geldingen Land Consolidation Project, Bafra-Spruce Land Consolidation Project , Project Implementation of the Nitrates Directive , Crops and Livestock Cooperatives Cooperatives Support Project Support Project to continue our work . \"

11 million pounds from the Directorate of Food, Agriculture Project" comments for.


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