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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 07:45

11 were referred to court by the alleged unlawful Listening Police Released

11 were referred to court by the alleged unlawful Listening Police Released
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Kocaeli detained for alleged improper exclamation team of 11 security personnel by the Police Department , was referred to judicial authorities have been released due to lack of sufficient factual evidence.

Kocaeli news: Photo Kocaeli detained with illegal claims by listening Police Department teams, including 11 police also found the branch manager , was released after the transaction completed by 5:30 in the morning hours . 3 days in the house before the police raids in the first place and work on calls made, hand-held computers and digital documents had been placed . In an operation conducted on the second day Ali Ozturk , Ozgur Nikbay , James Mature , Osman Dursun Aydın, Mehmet Emin Orhan, Mehmet Adil Tilaver , Ismail Yaman, Fatih Ozdere, Fatih Akpinar, Ertugrul salt and sure Safa Özergül was taken into custody.
20 hours Photo 8 of query operations in the province detained for questioning branch managers and officers were taken to the Istanbul Security Directorate. Here was referred to the police after the completed transaction Kocaeli Courthouse. About 20 hours by Istanbul Public Prosecutor ongoing police operations had been referred to court to demand the arrest of the Court . Following the testimony taken in the court process ended as of 05:30 hours . Photo 12 Photo lawyers argued police detained behind all completed the trial were released due to lack of sufficient factual evidence. Release of the cops was welcomed by relatives waiting outside the courthouse until the morning. Made a statement on behalf of the police defended by 12 lawyers Lawyer Hussein stack builder , 11, said police arrested the morning hours to process that began with the acquisition as of that ended with the release of the police. No
concrete evidence and criminal Photo policemen due to lack of sufficient factual evidence Lawyer chimney-sweep leads indicating that release, \"I did not expect otherwise anyway. Because the file was no concrete evidence and criminal elements but still had our fears . 3, 4 hours , we expressed our fears in our previous conversation. but those who believe in the rule of law, to know that the independent judiciary in the name of our profession us gave dignity, \"he said . Photo horse trail it is a confused in the Photo custody and released Kocaeli former Intelligence Branch Manager Özgür Nikbay , stating that they were detained because of tragicomic slander ,\"We here it allowed the biggest reason at our not allowed involving due process , I think. this process is so punish the people who the suspect from a process that evidence , a number of later accused locate the accused in a period in which rewarded the people he suçlandırıl with illegal treatment , \"he said . Fits Photo Law and legal listening to the Photo Talk Nikbay continued , \"on the basis of these slanders as an expression of our listening-lying illegal . According to the law of all we do and are legal to listen to listen . This is shown and not listen to people who for some reason people like to blame here is the poster . On the other hand with a human professional life all the evidence that put the country on our wiretapping expression , with illegal listening room , captured by the system , and this study result of one of our colleagues who listened to the elders of the highest level of the state is brought as Chief of Police in our one province in this country. \"
Relatives they left the courthouse Photo Nikbay , \"Right now our process is a process that tries to stuck to the prison of our such a process 6-7 September events and removed one by one from KCK'lı prisons in the organizer of the position of people who terrorize our country colleagues made ​​them for work . Burdur The reason for the detention to me , \"he said . Release of police close in as they receive news rejoice \"Turkey is proud of you \"slogans . Then the cops away from the front of the courthouse with relatives .

11 were referred to court by the alleged unlawful Listening Police Released" comments for.


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