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  • 05 Şubat 2013, Salı 17:59

110 fighter aircraft pilot resigned?

110 fighter aircraft pilot resigned?
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the Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Umut Oran,"The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and be out of 110 in the last month cut the number of fighter pilot finds true? 'he asked.

At Odds' s, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the question posed by the resolution, the following questions were included:

-"resigned after completing 10 years of compulsory service period of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and be out of 110 in the last month cut the number of fighter pilots' Is it true that u found? This pilot task distribution in accordance with their F16 and F4 fleet commanders are there?

-110 Fighter pilot, pilots a 15 percent slice of its correspondence with the resignation of the military in Turkey and in the exceptional case of this situation, some airplanes can not be used during operation Posed result Is it true sense? It Does not compromise the security of the country?

-Air Warfare School (HHO) is a graduate of a jet fighter pilot candidates must take in order to use each stage of evolution, and how many hours of training stages which consist of theoretical and practical training consist of? an F-16 pilot who served

-TSK, after a few hours of training by HHO start using this aircraft?

-including a F-16 pilot, HHO, the total value of expenses incurred for training and how many TL?

-General Bilgin Balanlı still on various grounds, including a total of 17 pilot jailed shortly before the general yaptığı'Bu rate, use our flight the pilot kalmayacak'uyarısının then, as the Chairman of the Supreme Military Council Been to any attempt to stop this negative trend , bulundunuzsa What was the result?

-Registry clean, successful, sample a large number of field officer and general/admiral carried out on specific cases as a result of a negative assessment of the public in the form of coming to the point where today it is a grain of truth?

-Comp has completed years of service then, although not yet come retirement time allotted number of pilots resigned the command of the Air Force since 2002, over the years, how many persons separately? How many of these pilot of F16 and F4?"

110 fighter aircraft pilot resigned?" comments for.


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