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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 23 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:28

110 years of Şemsettin Sami Death was Mentioned in Kosovo

110 years of Şemsettin Sami Death was Mentioned in Kosovo
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Ataturk Cultural Center and the University of Pristina joint venture of Turkish Language and Literature Department and a key figure of Turkish literature Şemsettin Sami's death in 110 was commemorated with a symposium held in Kosovo .

Priştine news:
at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Pristina organized a scientific symposium of more than 30 scientists from many countries as well as Turkey's Ambassador to Pristina Songul Ozan participated. Scientists first Turkish dictionary Kamus-i Turki , mainly in Turkish literature books and encyclopedias in the fields of early works gave the Turkish language and culture of great service that has been found Şemsettin Sami unknown aspects of light. The symposium began with a moment of silence at the opening of the University of Prishtina Turkish Language and Literature Department Head Dr. Irfan cod , Dean of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Pristina Dr. Sadat Kuchma , Yunus Emre Institute Develi President , Head of Ataturk Cultural Center Dr. Turan Karatas and Rector of the University of Pristina Dr. Ramadan Zejnullahu made ​​a speech . Pristina University Department of Turkish Language and Literature Prof. Dr. Irfan cod , Şemsettin Sami organized a symposium on that interesting , symposia , as well as Kosovo , Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Jordan and other countries joined more than 30 speakers said. Cod, Şemsettin in Kosovo for the first time a comprehensive international symposium held so much about Sami said.
Head of Ataturk Cultural Center Dr. Karatas ever Şemsettin Sami about Turkey and the Balkans scientists come together from different directions this great linguists , the great scholar, they speak in such an event done , said:\"We wanted his death an appropriate anniversary here it is grown or the original members in the land where it let me explain . different aspects Şemsettin Sami perhaps ever unspoken life stories, so far no emphasis is given with the works to address the desires we have , \"he said.
Yunus Emre Institute President Develi , the\"Şemsettin Sami , basis Frasheri brothers in Turkey of cultural life , its modern culture one of the founders . Turkishness our understanding of Turkishness our understanding lisa our , our language name Turkish as the language of the formation , its boundaries, its history , its structure and developments related to substantially all Şemsettin Sami's work is based on . Turkey'Şemsettin essentially is the father of the modern sözlükcülüg in Sami. Kamus-i Turki and his work , this work today is based first of all modern dictionaries are dictionaries . This dictionary is based on the present Turkish words are written , \"he said .
Şemsettin Sami both in this land both born in Istanbul , lived Osmanlılıg the diversity and cultural richness of a very beautiful way to digest and literary works, transfer them to an extremely important person is stating Ambassador Songul Ozan , \"Şemsettin Sami Turkish our very important translations provide a common, value is ,\"he said .
Atatürk Culture, Language and History Institute President Prof. Dr. Derya Anvil , the \"Şemsettin Sami Frasheri known as a great linguist , our largest our encyclopedists Şemsettin Sami Kosovo and Albania is one of the most important values ​​of our common cultures that have come together to commemorate our elder . Discuss with our friends , we are here on behalf of our brothers and sisters to embrace . Republic of Turkey in the Balkans region with the special bond due to these relationships paramount importance are giving , \"he said .
Symposium President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Deputy Prime spouse symposium send congratulatory messages was read . Two days eight sessions will be held symposiums, will end with a day trip to Albania to do .

110 years of Şemsettin Sami Death was Mentioned in Kosovo" comments for.


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