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  • 13 Ağustos 2013, Salı 07:40

1,126 km per hour speed transportation project: 'Hyperloop'

1,126 km per hour speed transportation project: 'Hyperloop'
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Cars 1,126 miles per hour at the size of the capsule in a capsule to locate this and consider moving in a tube. Moreover, for fun, but to get to your destination.

U.S. billionaire founder Elon Musk and Tesla

SpaceX'in, 643-kilometer route between Los Angeles and San Francisco, 30 minutes to be able to fold a project sağlayan'Hyperloop'adlı revealed. Today, this can be achieved in one hour by air transport between the two cities.

Musk, a time between New York and San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York between the means may reduce the 45 minutes. Although this system is built even in the United States and China, the two countries over the ocean can fall up to 2 hours between the time of arrival.

System, airless tubes to travel between major cities in the land of people with the aim to achieve a speed close to the speed of sound capsules. Mechanism and the need to launch a powerful thrust to proceed. Ray does not need systems, with protection against all weather conditions. All power is from solar panels and a portion of the store. Capsule, the air cushion in its context, such as an air hockey masasındaymış can travel without touching the tube. Elon Musk

in the comments on the project, 'outside the actual irradiation (Let us in this one), super-fast trip etmek'dedi the only way to build a tube. Every 30 seconds, which will be a departure from

capsules, to carry 28 passengers at a time. The cost will be $ 20 per passenger one way round. Hyperloop'un cost only $ 6 billion. Between the two cities is planned to be $ 60 billion high-speed rail system. Elon Musk, says the project could spend 10 years to life.

1,126 km per hour speed transportation project: 'Hyperloop'" comments for.


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