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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 08:46

12 Tips for Healthy Holidays

12 Tips for Healthy Holidays
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Red meat consumption is the most intense period of the Feast of Sacrifice , which need to be careful in order to have a healthy said.

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Specialist Dietician , proposals to spend Eid-ul-found healthy . On this holiday, the most consumed foods red meat pointed out that the amount , \"especially cutting, storage and cooking methods , the quantity consumed to pay attention to in case of major health problems to encounter work is not even . Red meat , our country's eating habits Considering always in the first row is located . Our bodies which are indispensable for content and high in iron, zinc , magnesium, minerals , as well as high-quality protein and saturated fats found in red meat , especially in terms of quantity caution must be consumed . red meat cholesterol content is high due to the more when consumed blood fats directly raise and your heart health threats are able to . excess meat consumption, as well as this period large amounts of salt consumed too raise your blood pressure can cause . diabetics blood sugar to be balanced in terms of choice of food , the serving size and during the day as usual 5-6 meals a day diet should pay attention , \"he said .
Dietitians amount feast healthy to spend 12 golden rule is as follows:\"During the day, large amounts of red meat consumed , given breakfast a little lighter should be . Especially at breakfast tomato, cucumber and greens should be consumed in excess . Firstly, in terms of hygiene , meat cutting practices in place and must be respected. Unhealthy environments and conditions meat cuts should be made. Storage of meat is also another factor to be considered . Cut the flesh of the sacrifice should not be consumed immediately , being easy to digest and easy to cook meat in the refrigerator for one day must be kept . During this time the broth becomes energized and ready to cook . But more than cut your meat in the refrigerator for 3-5 days, store in the freezer for 3 months if possible. One of the biggest mistakes , especially in our country , giving importance to our taste, we relegate health . Intentionally or unintentionally incorrect cooking techniques are used consistently . Red meat, roast and boiled instead of fried , steamed , baking or grilled as you should consume . Remember, red meat cooked in unhealthy ways of developing cancer increases the risk of stomach and colon . During the feast will be visiting family . Go visit all the nutrients you consume sugar and chocolate must be extended . If guests come to you instead of chocolate fruit platter to prepare you to help make them more healthy means. If you are suffering from chronic liver disease or cirrhosis on the amount of meat consumption must be much more careful . For kidney patients poses a risk of excess protein intake . Get more done because the protein load to the kidneys and increase the risk of developing uremia . In short, any chronic disease with a special diet should cause during the holiday should get out of the diet . Dough as little as possible and syrup sweets , milk sweets while more should be preferred. Yok.kesinlikl long to mention the benefits of water a day should consume 1.5 to 2 liters of water . Meat is a source of fiber and not be consumed in large quantities because of the holiday time can experience constipation problems . The best way to prevent this , rye and oats as a source of pulp prefer more bread , legumes , particularly succulent vegetables or meat or meat side dishes carefully prepared to do is to prepare a salad . During this period a little more you increase fruit consumption have your benefits. In particular, edible crustacean shells with fruits you should eat . Rather than wasting vacation , get up opportunities for sports Know \"

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