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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:41

120-Year Tradition

120-Year Tradition
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Thursday the army in the neighborhood of 120 years since the town of Ramadan religious festivals held in each keskek stew served dinner and the tradition has continued in this festival .

Ordu news:
reliant met with neighborhood people and their keskek stew dinner, after Ramadan and Eid al-Adha is being offered to local people and guests . Ramadan in the neighborhood of 120-year tradition of this festival was also attended by Governor Irfan Balkanlioglu Army . Governor Balkanlıoğlu, 120-year tradition closely upon the invitation of local people who want to see the early morning of the feast of Ramadan went to the neighborhood . Governor Ahmet Arik, Mayor Kemal Bakhtiar, District Commander Yunus Chalabi, District Police Chief Orhan Memiş , County Mufti Jamal Long and headmen Arslan Soydan funded by the Governor Balkanlıoğlu, Eid prayer Central Mosque residents with made ​​. Then the public and invited bayramlaşan Balkanlıoğlu Governor mosque at the bottom of the cafeteria residents and guests with keskek and stew seven .
Balkanlıoğlu Governor ,'Vonali Jalal known as'property owners at the invitation of a 120-year tradition, observe for the purpose of Ramadan Quarter'how come , adding that \"your village liked it very much . extremely nice village. a corner of paradise speak. this sense mevlaya how much şükretse you less. the other hand, generous in the village. 120 years, continuing a tradition there . Hopefully this tradition the world go on forever; I would . these no-hasenatı no time wasted, no. No.-hasenatı to make people happy so much for being rich is not required. everyone can give something there is surely , \"he said .
religious holidays joy days , resentful of the reconciliation of a poor-poor man's delighted that , the exceptional days , indicating that the survival of beautiful pieces Balkanlıoğlu Governor , \"Feast in the hands of big kisses from afar and receive blessings . Hereafter referred to the graves of their relatives who visit and pray with them shall yadda . On the occasion of the feast of our people who live in foreign lands come to the country of his childhood , where the youth now will breathe once more . Bring along your children and grandchildren , and'this is our village , I was born here , grew up here,'he says, and this feeling to their children , grandchildren transfers. In this sense, our very nice piece that has got to get out to feast . Our children , our grandchildren beautiful pieces of this our tradition, we need to nakşettirme . Thousands of years we have maintained our hope that these beautiful pieces I hope to continue for ever and ever , \"he said .
Celebrating the feast of the people of the neighborhood Balkanlıoğlu Governor , thanked for their hospitality .

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