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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 14:08

15 billion dollar investment in Adana

15 billion dollar investment in Adana
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AK Party Deputy Chairman of Publicity and Media Doctor Ihsan , Adana 15 billion pounds over 12 years of investment and support has been done .

Adana news: AK Party Deputy Chairman of Publicity and Media Doctor Ihsan , Adana 15 billion pounds over 12 years of investment and support has been done .
Doctor , in his statement , Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's presidential nomination, election campaign, on July 23 in Adana , which would be held at the rally ring would address and evening program will join noted .
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Adana't'stacks , brave the city described as'that reminds Doctor , this lovingly transportation, communication, education, health, justice , forestry and water affairs , energy , environment, Toki, agriculture and animal husbandry , sports, tourism , foundations, technology , KÖYDES , sports, college , and in many areas of investment and support over 15 billion pounds recalled that 12 years was carried out .
eXPORT 4-fold increase
4 times in 12 years, exports to the investments made increase stated that the Doctor , \"Adana 12 years of production, export and fold grew in 2002. Adana products produced only 461 million dollar part when exporting now this figure of $ 2 billion has found . foreign trade volume and a 5-fold increase 1 billion to $ 5 billion rose . Adana in 2002, while taxes paid by 599 million pounds in 2013 to raise 2 billion pounds . Figures show that in Adana , while earning gives our country . While growing Adana in Turkey is growing, \"he said.
airport , road and train invested Doctor said , he continued:< br/> \"The airline was the people's way . Airport in Adana in 2003 only 786 thousand per year while carrying 855 passengers , 4 million 306 thousand 302 people in 2013 claimed the number of passengers has increased 5.5 times in 12 years . 252 kilometers of divided highway in Adana made ​​until 2002, the year 2002-2013 we made a total of 133 kilometers of divided highway divided along with the distance of 388 kilometers of Adana was removed. In addition, the thousands of Adana highway network reached 73 kilometers . Adana-Mersin Railway renewed from each of the provinces have achieved in a short time . Cukurova linking Mesopotamia with garden-Nurdağı Turkey's longest tunnel is being constructed between . The city express train to the island began to be working . Fast train in Adana, Konya , Karaman, Ulukışla , Mersin, Adana , Gaziantep, Sanliurfa , Mardin routes to reach . High-speed train project will be 20 minutes between Adana and Mersin . KÖYDES'ten thousand 109 kilometer road from the villages under the asphalt , stabilized, were coated with 245 yards , 269 of the village's drinking water problem has disappeared . \"
in Çukurova Besides the great support of the manufacturer with the opening of irrigation facilities sprouting from Cilicia abundance Doctor stating that , \"in 2002, total premiums paid to producers support while only 44 million pounds to 256 million pounds in 2013 rose to a 6-fold increase . 12 years Adanalı producers were paid a total of 2 billion pounds of premium support . 12 years, the 34-fold increase in Adana livestock support . Until 2002 , this figure was given 1 million pounds support the AK Party government in the period rose to 34 million pounds . We protect our agricultural producers in all areas of . The last 12 years in Adana 416 thousand acres of land with irrigation facilities to farmers by opening blessing was brought under irrigation . Ovarian Plain watering charm of the 64 thousand acres of land were brought under irrigation . 794 thousand acres of land that give life to the Lower Seyhan Yedigoze İmamoğlu the irrigation project continues apace . 13 ponds and irrigation facility is under construction . Water-starved gets 81 thousand acres of land with water . Abundance gushed from Cilicia , \"he said .
investments in education and health-related information, which , Sener said:\"Adana 12 years with the 3 thousand to 25 classrooms in secondary education by freeing our children from a class of 44 , 30 people have been providing education in modern classrooms . We started with free books to support education and tablet computers and smart boards now continues. Education groundbreaking opened. The number of universities increased to 3 in Adana . In Adana, Adana was established as a state university in 2011 at the University of Science and Technology 9 faculties, 2 institutes , one college, the first private university with three faculties at the University of statutory , 2 institute provides training . Cukurova University opened 6 to 12 years, faculties, 3 colleges , 3 vocational schools , five research and training center in 2002 with 23 thousand 977 thousand 500 the number of students rose to 44 . \"
in the health field Republic on the biggest investment held underlines the Doctor , \"County our hospitals , our investments while six hospitals consisting of public-private collaboration with the thousands of 550-bed capacity Adana Integrated Health Campus work on one hand more makes . In 2002, total bed capacity of 4 thousand 266 while our hospital until 2013 with the newly built health facilities have reached 6 thousand to 317 . Bin 550-bed hospital and other investments , the end of the Republic, throughout the history of the island , the largest investment in health will have won , \"he said .
12 years in all areas While the number of investments made ​​over and said , Sener said:
\"430 acres of land , which will contribute to the economy of the South will be the most comprehensive logistics center Yenice logistics Center is completed. Anatolia and the Middle East will be the gateway . In order to prevent unemployment developed for the industrial zone of free and discounted land allocation in the system established by the Organized Industrial Zone have provided employment to 30 thousand 727 people . Until 2002, 313 thousand , 425 thousand of which rose to the number of insured . For our young people to play sports facility established in 2002 with dozens of licensed sportsmen with 10 thousand 344 in 2013, an increase of 7.5 times reached 75 thousand 297 . In addition to Adana with a capacity of 33 thousand spectators, the stadium is done. In the framework of social assistance programs for our children to read 117 thousand 588 people , help his wife , who died eight thousand 572 women salary, provide health insurance to the poor was 300 thousand 149 citizens . 46 thousand 944 elderly and disabled citizens home care salaries were linked. TOKI built with social facilities in Adana jeans by 14 thousand of our citizens to have their own like paying rent housing provided. Adana in 2005 met with natural gas , natural gas has gained 92 percent . Adana, Turkey's largest courthouse building area of ​​58 thousand square meters is being built. \"
\"ERDOGAN' TOGETHER KIOSK II ' we will send you e \"
choose their president on August 10 stating that the nation's Doctor ,\"will focus on a number of previously imposed seçtiriy mAlArlA was president . In order not to elect Mr. President Abdullah Gul came up with 367 requirement . Referendum'Enough, The nation saying,'Our nation has aspired to elect a president . Our nation and the way out , with the power our nation presidential candidate, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that support up to today , you did not leave alone .'We do not talk , there are actions by saying'every corner of Anatolia working with embroidery embroidery invest our Prime Minister will send together to the presidential palace , \"he said .

15 billion dollar investment in Adana" comments for.


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