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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:31

15 Civil Society Organizations Invite Resignation Rector Steel had in Usak

15 Civil Society Organizations Invite Resignation Rector Steel had in Usak
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15 democratic mass organizations in Usak, Usak University, 10 November by making statements about the editing memorial program invited the President to resign Said Steel .

Uşak news: Photo Usak ADD to a press release issued in the building Kemalist Thought Association Usak Branch Chairman Arif Güvenir as well as Usak Bar Association , Istanbul Medical Chamber, CHP Support of Contemporary Living Association, Education Sen, Education Business , Turkey Kamu-Sen , Usak Veterinarians Room , Association of Turkish Hearths , Environmental Volunteers Association , Istanbul ADD Youth Wing , the CHP Youth Wing , Turkish Nationalist Youth Wing joined the presidents and representatives .
the participation of 10 November commemorations and to organize commemoration ceremonies at the University of Usak University Rector react to Steel representatives made ​​a statement on behalf of the organization , Dr. ADD Usak Arif Guvener , Istanbul and Turkey of November 10, Atatürk people of pupil Usak University management said they condemned the attitude of the Memorial day is one of the most important institutions that trained young people who will shape the future of our country. Photo Confidence description of said ; \"November 10 hour putting nine exams , students mention that prevent program participation, we ask the President Said Steel? Republika not will establish Did he could sit on the sofa ? Name would beSait , oranother name that our people could not pronounce ? Every day, five times Did we could hear the call to prayer sounds we listen ? your priorities who are not Atatürk and the Turkish War of Independence heroes? Mr. Steal! come out to the streets, dozens of martyrs and you will see how the face of our veterans ? these lands watered with the blood of our martyrs , how will you eat bread ? here I here I redolent of our city , science slot in Usak the University has emerged with this attitude you can not represent . this nation now , the children will be able to entrust you with peace of mind . we invite you to honorable behavior . Please resign a moment ago. \"

15 Civil Society Organizations Invite Resignation Rector Steel had in Usak" comments for.


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