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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:45

15 police custody in Istanbul Centered Parallel Operation

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Istanbul Security Directorate teams in eight provinces, 15 security personnel in a police operation against parallel structure was taken into custody.

Kocaeli news: Photo Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office by order of Kocaeli province earlier in the morning with 8'Improper operation of listening'was launched and also the former police chief among which was searched in the house . Istanbul, Diyarbakir , Izmir , Sivas, Bitlis, Gümüshane and only the computer chassis from home in an operation carried out in Ardahan and files manually Awards, has yet to detention . Any detention in the first wave of the operation is done the process of Kocaeli in a written statement Safety Manager Levent Yarımel do, \"misfeasance , recording personal data in violation of the law , forgery in official documents of public officials , from the privacy of communications offense in Kocaeli be searched in the Police Department in charge of 5 suspect's home , addressed computer to migrate their PC, log , external harddisk , CDs on copying and making the seizure \"as the decision was made calls on the 5 in the suspect's home ,\"he said . after the first operation wave where there is a Photo Detention edited another operation hours yesterday morning. Istanbul Public Prosecutor's instruction was done in the morning hours in Kocaeli with 8 provinces in regulated operations in 2010-2014 in Kocaeli in line with reports of civilian investigators about the 15 people allegations of illegal listening custody process . Director rank is recorded as one of the detention , detainees officer , it was learned that the commissioner and chief rank. Photo Kocaeli, Istanbul, Diyarbakir , Edirne, Sivas , Bitlis, Gümüshane and Ardahan afternoon held in the provinces of operation wave detained 15 brought to police the police headquarters and have been started on statement-taking process. The police statements taken tomorrow after the removal of the Istanbul Courthouse health checks planned, if the elongation process of expression , police learned that delayed delivery of the courthouse. Relevant to the subject yet made ​​an official statement.

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