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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 08:51

150 Year Two Yellow Pine Surprised connected to each other

150 Year Two Yellow Pine Surprised connected to each other
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150 years in the town of Erzurum Olten two pine trees to connect to each other who surprised the boil.

Erzurum news: Erzurum Olten in the town 150 years two pine trees to one another boil-binding acts surprised.
Oltu Forest Management Hisar Chief District Gökçedere village within the borders of the Dark Creek Forest in the 150-year two yellow pine, Forestry Administration officials even surprised. Two pine branch officials who are connected to each other by boiling for a long time viewed trees. Evolution of Forest Management Oltu Gamal, foresters do their work in accordance with the plans said threshold arrangement. Evolution,"Arajman plans existing forests care of our blocks allocated, rejuvenation field to the determined, artificial plant studies determined is a plan. Currently we are forest resources, we Hisar Business Conductor connected to our Gökçedere village within the borders Karanlıkdere Ormanınd are. Karanlıkdere Forests 2013 flower displays in our plans and maintenance stamping operation will be performed Ranked we encountered two trees lovers of the fused see that. Property Directorate, the two trees where the field when we come to the sights we saw, we were very surprised. these years in these forests is working in spite of being the first time such a situation we encountered. Previously we did not see this beautiful landscape in the face of this tree protection decided to have. many years against natural disasters survived managed to have these two trees, then to survive important for us,"he said.
Hisar Operations Chief Kemal Fitline back in 2013 maintenance in blocks with 291 of the dividing conducted maintenance work during the stamping together during by the branches of boiling what they see as trees amazement they face, he said.
every two pine trees the natural aspects together boil vaccinated determined that they transferred Fitline to rare form encountered this situation both with the tree under protection, he said.
Oltu within 25 kilometers of this in the dark pine forest over the stream of those who want to come and see you can easily voicing forest guards, they said they would better protect the trees then.

150 Year Two Yellow Pine Surprised connected to each other" comments for.


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