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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:01

15th anniversary of the November 12 earthquake

15th anniversary of the November 12 earthquake
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Düzce Earthquake Victims Association ( DEPD ) Chairman Canan Senol Lawyer Aysegul , and forget what they said was not going to forget the earthquake .

Düzce news: Photo November 12 Düzce earthquakes of making a statement because of the 15th Anniversary DEPD President Can , \"with earthquake on November 12, 1999 15 years ago to show that we remember the lives of earthquakes and the fact that we lost it. To note that the Governor and the municipal authorities since the earthquake to solve our problems solved. to remind the prior need to take all necessary measures against all disasters , especially earthquakes. 18:57 in Duzce the time of the earthquake this year , as every year Anıtpark occurred in together'earthquake remember remind'we mean .
Today now the most important method of effectively combating disasters as acceptable all over the world is settling to proactively culture of public administration and all layers of society. the most important sign of being pre-prepared is the preparation on this subject particularly state institutions. in the application of appropriate disaster management approach with his hand and the state in this regard will be possible with the construction completion. Our country is located in one of the major earthquake zones . However, it shows the earthquake we had so far , we can not effectively cope with the effects of earthquakes . We're on a quest , but not in a good point about transparency, stability, continuity and accountability. From time to time containing several output stability of government officials , though they can not return to the built-in applications . Although there are several reasons why this is not the most important of the disaster is still placed more responsive public administration. To allocate sufficient resources to effectively combat the earthquake they are not used in accordance with the resources allocated for the purpose ( of taxes collected after the earthquake ) . On the contrary, it takes an understanding of the provisions is entrusted to the lack of public nature and market conditions . Unable to public participation provision is not even desirable so that sustainable methods of struggle does not occur , \"he said .
We need to draw lessons Photo Aysegul Campbell, said that the earthquake of course should be removed \"that give rise to very serious consequences , such as August 17 is a disaster in the aftermath the fact that we live what we live November 12 earthquake , we needed to remove the important lessons. However, increased as earthquakes and near where we live we live in the past and which we see in Van and Ercis earthquake that our problems are still very important approach anniversary a few days ago . Although we are missing at this point in our nationwide earthquake with a pass over the province continues to reign in us. If you say what you like ; Our development plan and our plan is not to say that the move higher scale disaster sensitivity. This deficiency is increasing every day through a variety of modifications and part application . That the council plans to remove the practitioner learn from the suffering in the earthquake and we do not see that makes it suitable applications . On the contrary, our only problem is to be treated like fold increase decision to take no consideration of the fatal application error will make the decision-fold increase in development applications received and actions taken at short intervals . To provide guidance to the community and to be both educational and sanction on people when you should take the necessary measures to have to stimulate continuous hot city in the municipality but we do not receive the results . Fold increase in the number of decisions taken during the removal of the four floor building with the ground floor Düzce surrounded by alluvial soil fertile agricultural land has been taken into account , we see clearly that decisions to increase density in the plain. Productive farmland in the province with additional plans are translated into the plot. We would like to mention that this is going to be good . Municipal authorities will happen from one floor at all times he is disregarding the participation of the people giving fold increase varied interests of the demands of the group partnered in the direction of an effort not paying , does not consider only the future of the city could not stand the pressure of demand from the front . 2001, the number is limited to two times the zoning plan revision . It is clear that the implementation plan of where housing development. The city's relatively solid floor on the north side , especially permanent housing and the environment is evident that the area will focus konutlaş mania. This environment needs to be made appropriate arrangements. However, you should always take these decisions with accurate ground surveys. Photo Today at the point in the most important problem is the collapse of the building must fall on the consolidation of the surrounding buildings and the existing town center damaged in the earthquake is the overhaul of the existing building stock without repeating our old mistakes . To launch a campaign in this direction is reduced mainly to municipalities and governorships. Users of large facilities , these institutions holding public power will see everything that's how easy it is resolved they demonstrate a determined attitude , \"he said . Photo \"as the Association of Düzce Earthquake Victims lived in what what we saw so far \"Can he \"development plan made ​​after the earthquake, the earthquake duly considering the risk and for making appropriate . Entitlement to the problems of living victimization. To secure permanent housing construction and location preferences in the elections. Where the earthquake relief ? How? To publicize it is used. Fails to fulfill its oversight responsibilities , opening a residential land becoming unfit for habitation in the earthquake disaster and the Governor's office responsible for the prosecution of the municipality . Tenant earthquake victims , in order to achieve a healthy-safe housing . We strive to be remembered in every anniversary , we tried, we did it. We stand behind our promise . We have not forgotten the earthquake , also lost ground , \"he said .

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