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  • 16 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 01:27

17 million students pending danger

17 million students pending danger
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Opening of the schools is increasing the risk for millions of students start school

Children's home environment, school environment facing

kalıyorHasta passing germs to send a child to school rules at home and school for children etkiliyorHijyen the health of others, be explained thoroughly aware of signs of intestinal worm

Experts today 17 million children per class marathon started taking an education, it should also be wary of germs in the process .

Liv Hospital of Pediatrics Dr. Specialist . Ismail Gonen, is in close contact with children in schools and day-care centers can easily spread the disease, he said. Gonen,"Children in daycare or school until the home environment to a much more hygienic environments in which many hastalanmazlar. School , and the situation is reversed with the opening of kindergartens. Crowded environments, is less ventilation, sanitary conditions have not been achieved fully venues creates an ideal environment for infectious diseases in children. Influenza-like illnesses in the school at the beginning of infections caused by a cold comes " says. Parasitic infections, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases in schools is common Gonen said Ismail "Some of these diseases are diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. To avoid some of the hygiene conditions must be considered." he said.


infectious diseases provides information about Gonen,"Influenza, transmitted by the respiratory route, especially in the months of September and March, cough, fever, fatigue, fever, a disease characterized by . Also cough, runny nose or congestion, then lung infection, such as sinusitis and middle ear infections may predispose to disease. The seasonal flu vaccine for all children 6 months and older should be made. Eruptive diseases in school-age children for measles, rubella and mumps Health by the Ministry of the age of the first dose of dose, and a reminder to all school children 6 years old are routinely ."he said.

jaundice and varicella NOTICE

Gonen Referring to jaundice and chicken pox disease, gave the following information:"Another important disease, hepatitis has children (jaundice). Sticky Thread particular food contaminated with feces passing through the mouth and hepatitis A is common among school children. at the beginning of jaundice ways of prevention of food and cleaning hands must be vaccinated to protect Despite the fact that one hundred percent. Received hepatitis A vaccination schedule this year by the Ministry of Health, but hepatitis A vaccine in two doses 6 months apart, which are missing in the form of school children should be vaccinated do. One of the diseases in school children with chicken pox rash, the higher the viral spread of infection. However, the maximum protection against the disease by vaccination at the right time may be able to provide."

Hand hygiene should be cared

influenza and respiratory infections just through the air, but can be transmitted manually Gonen noted,"This is why I need to pay attention to hand hygiene. In addition, children not pay enough attention to cleanliness of toilets and hand can be seen in cases of intestinal parasites. Sticky Thread nasal itching in children with intestinal worm, pillow, water flowing from the mouth, anus, itching, abdominal pain from time to time, can be seen in symptoms such as weight gain. at the beginning of the protective measures, hand washing with soap after using the toilet, the open sale of foods eaten fruits and vegetables come in a very good hand washing. Apart from this arrangement educational environments of children under hygienic conditions, is important to provide training programs to transform the rules of hygiene habit."He said.


Gonen said:Sticky Thread"Infectious disease diagnosed children sent to school for the time recommended by the doctor. of any disease also occurs in your child, the school authorities should be made aware of this situation. Measures to prevent the spread of the disease to the patient can be followed up close to the other guys.

tricks to avoid the diseases, the hands should be washed frequently. Places with good ventilation should be avoided. Avoid crowded places. Pens, books, computers, and common special items like cups used.

consumed as a single-use wipes. Plenty of fruit, vegetables and water consumed. Should pay attention to sleep on a regular basis."

17 million students pending danger" comments for.


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