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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:57

185 Thousand Let the Realtors that the vehicle was stolen

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Beylikdüzü suspect following the real estate agent who put the money in the trunk of the car he sold the apartment , located in 185 per bag rang.

İstanbul news: Suspicious security camera before , then was arrested. Photo Event , has occurred in the office of the governor Beyklikdüz building parking. According to reports , she now began to chat with people in person beside briefcase full of money out of the district . Meanwhile, the suspect out of the district , in the hands speaks by phone number followed closely the person who took the bag full of money. Suspect the person who wanders around , talking on the phone continued to draw attention to the number. Y.Ç. (46) persons named after his conversations with his friends started coming up to the car in the parking lot to the left of the bag in his hand luggage . With friends who went into action immediately suspicious of y.ç.'y the car ride . Suspect from the side of the vehicle with running steps , he fled bag contained £ 185 in opening the trunk. Y. Zhou , realizing the situation. I looked in the trunk descended from the vehicle. Y. Zhou , realizing that the place where the bag drop. cases reported to the police. Police made ​​an investigation on the theft, the investigation found the camera in the parking lot putting hands . Security of the person who identified the police raided the address specified by the camera . Police said in a dominant C. G. (23) suspects caught doing kıskıvrak . Was referred to the court after being interrogated by the suspect safety .
Shah get that real estate agents and learned that it receives from the apartment he sold stolen the money .
BURGLAR SECURITY CAMERA to MOUNTED The Photo Theft memories second by security cameras were recorded. Images , suitcase in hand from the government building outside the şahız a while chatting with friends . Meanwhile, the district is the person who is doing the talking with the bag in his hand in the building following the suspicious phone number. Are following the suspicious person in the parking lot headed by party with friends . Individual hand in case the suspect vehicle to stop Seizing the opportunity to pass the driver's seat , opening the luggage bag chute 185 TL fleeing away . Checking the luggage up and down that realize the party tool.

185 Thousand Let the Realtors that the vehicle was stolen" comments for.


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