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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:21

19 have been poisoned from Nigde University Student Dining

19 have been poisoned from Nigde University Student Dining
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Nigde 19 university students were poisoned dinner.

Niğde news: Poisoned students were taken to Nigde State Hospital. Photo Nigde University students living in the dormitory located in Ayhan Şahenk Campus , the chicken soup at dinner, chicken saute , seven rice and salad. Morning because of increased complaints against nausea , students gave notice to the university authorities. Officials with students 19 Nigde State Hospital ambulance took him to the emergency room. Photo Nigde University Rector Dr. The View Adnan, hospital officials received information about the status of the students come to Nigde State Hospital. Rates , in his statement , \"Guess the form of food poisoning , but there is not much info on the net . We have launched an investigation into the incident at this time. All meals as we know we are doing from a company as we are outsourcing and stored for 72 h samples from the resulting meal.'ve Intervention soon as they heard of the event. Agriculture came friends from the provincial administration took it samples. They will make the examination. Very clearly it is not possible to say poisoning because they're eating the same friends from the food that 3 thousand people eat. in 19 of them , some food is observed symptoms of poisoning.'ll Everyone's body to show the same response perhaps of our 19 friends hypersensitivity may be . Once the review has been made, especially in agriculture provincial director of the triggers after the end , we can give clear information about the incident after the end of investigations and inquiries we launched our but is something I can not say for now reason , \"he said . treatment in
Hospital completed 19 university student, was taken home by car service Nigde University .

19 have been poisoned from Nigde University Student Dining" comments for.


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