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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:54

19 Years Later Emerging Arrest Murder 3

19 Years Later Emerging Arrest Murder 3
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A total of 3 people drowned after he was killed 19 years ago, burned , sunk into the cornfield 3 children detained with his wife about the death of the shepherd was arrested in Samsun court were taken by the guards .

Samsun news: Photo of Samsun Tekkeköy Kutlukent who was a shepherd Çırakman Quarter 3 children 31-year-old Saban flag's family killed 1 year after October 30, 1996, to make an application to the gendarmerie that flag disappears. News than Saban could not get a flag in the application after the loss last 18 years. Saban's wife Habiba flag (47), then residing in the same neighborhood , Mehmet E. ( 44) was married . Tekkeköy District Gendarmerie Command teams , who married Habib E. Mehmet E's brother, Moses E. ( 40 ) , saying that the gendarmerie also remorseful upon compression, Habib wife Saban Bayri day of the event by explaining that sent out of the house , killing himself uses said his brother works in the car. Photo Tekkeköy the incident had been detained by the gendarmerie teams Habib E., Mehmet E. and E. Moses , was referred to the Court of Samsun today . 3 people testified in court guards , was sent to Samsun Closed Prison in the evening.

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