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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:18

2. Bilbao Summit of the Golden Horde

2. Bilbao Summit of the Golden Horde
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Gold was President of the Social Venture Sayyed Football Mehmet Ozkan, reached an agreement in principle on sports cooperation world-famous Spanish club Athletic Bilbao president Josu Urrutia met with in Spain .

İzmir news: Photo World-famous Spanish club Athletico Bilbao with up to an agreement in principle on sports cooperation Altınordu President Sayyed Mehmet Ozkan and board members , Bilbao second visit , this time they perform as guest of honor . Photo Atlhletic Bilbao President Josu Urrutia and 2. The President Joke Garate specifically Altınordu met Ozkan Chairman of the delegation by and studying in London nephew Kenan Ozkan, as well as a board member of Victory Bilgetay , Murat Dizdar, brand development manager with Peace Orhunbilg Özgür Özgüreng took place . Ozkan, Urrutia Cinis with Anatolian motifs from the processed silk carpets and Iznik plate has a gift . Gifts , Bilbao museum in special allocated places to put the President Urrutia , then President Özkan and Champions played in accompanying with Athletic Bilbao and Porto was followed by a League match . Photo URRUTIA:\"ALTINORDU'< strong> ligh N THE WAY \"
the two presidents will be held in Bilbao Altınordu sporty cooperation issues alone discuss, they had the idea for a continuation of the visit of senior union. Golden Horde , Bilbao model the sampling of pride , indicating that the transmitter President Urrutia , \"was Gold , it's really a challenging way. We are going to do business associations and could pave the way for the Golden Horde on our experience,\"he said. Photo Urrutia , of an identity each club by drawing on the fact that it should be, \"you can be the champions league or the Champions League . this is the link on how you will determine your success goal. But we have where we live so that they are proud of shoulder to shoulder with people in lands team and in our team we have set the goal of building from these people . After all the we have created a team every Bilbaolu proud to be heard , \"he said . Photo ÖZKAN:\"Bilbo , aN EXAMPLE fOR OUR HOMEPAGE \"Sayyed President Mehmet Ozkan Photo Altınordu and Bilbao's mission of verbatim , noting that overlap , \"We come from the land of the children to the way we live in the real target of raising professional footballers . Mr. Urrutia also that it is difficult for our path as we learned on our experience . Our experience has also taught us to be stable. Bilbao, a structure that we take an example from every angle. The sporty collaboration will establish the distance I am confident that allows us to times faster , \"he said . Photo ALTINORDU- ATHLETIC BILBO MACA has SPOKEN Photo History clubhouse browsing and a day earlier Athletic Bilbao-Puerto U 19 match the following AltInordu delegation has completed 3 days to visit. Ozkan, inviting President Urrutia Izmir , in the case of compliance programs and the Golden played the season opening match in Bilbao issue was also discussed. Photo continuing high-level talks between the two clubs and all kinds of sport cooperation issues will be reached agreement in principle , be connected to the gentleman's club twinning protocol.

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