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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:34

'2 Disabled by the House . Disabled Gathering'

'2 Disabled by the House . Disabled Gathering'
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Bursa City Council ( BKK) held for the second time this year by Council of Disabled People'Disabled'Meeting the anguish experienced by the disabled and solutions were discussed.

Bursa news: Bursa City Council ( BKK) held for the second time this year by Council of Disabled People'Disabled'Meeting the anguish experienced by the disabled and solutions were discussed.
BKK '2 organized by the Council of Disabled People . Disabled Gathering', was held in Merino AKKM . Program , BKK President Semih Pala, Provincial Director of Family and Social Policy Dr . Sunay Özkul Local Agenda Branch Manager Neslişah doubt , Disabled Branch Manager Umit Korkmaz, Social Affairs Branch Manager Falcons Searched individuals with disabilities and their families attended.
BKK President Semih Pala man's life every kind of hardship may face , said that based on being able to overcome obstacles . Metropolitan Municipality, with the support and contribution of the BKK strive to be the leader in every area of Pala stating ,'and people with disabilities during the Meeting of the authorities stated that they bring . Difficulties to be voiced , respondents'first-hand to make her listen voicing Pala, \"Meet the real object , the difficulties spoken and is to solve . Municipal Council with disabilities with our friends every day we meet . 4 council , one of our Disability Assembly are supporting their work . Nobody against people with disabilities pity not carry . all sane people , and like a lion to work signing , \"he said .
Constitution, any positive discrimination for providing reminding Pala, citizens with disabilities to provide services at the point of Bursa, Turkey in the eyes point forward are pointed out .
BKK disabilities Council President Ibrahim Sonmez , if there is disabled to all segments of the show, to instill self-confidence'we're here'they said. Can not get out from the house , fearing disabled access , to connect more to life explaining that they carry out projects Sonmez,'Accessible Bursa Bursa City Council Accessibility for all persons with disabilities in the House said they expect . Sonmez, studies that support the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe'ye , BKK President Semih Pala and thanked to all our sponsors .
After the speeches, free BKK disabled by Fehmi Havados made ​​a presentation on the activities of the House . Then disabilities and their families , after participating in BKK Disabilities Council told of the change in their lives . BKK Disabilities Council Executive Board members also introduced in the program, in 2013-2014 Disabilities Council support the work of persons and institutions plaque was presented .
Program session in section moderated undertaking BKK Council of Disabled Honorary Chairman Ayhan Zenbilc , the solutions were manufactured with disabilities shortages continued in Bursa, many things have changed and evolved , he added .
Metropolitan Municipality disabilities Branch Manager Umit Korkmaz, disabled most from the bus on the ramp opened and the driver of the disabled approaches in the fields of received complaints , reminding complaints not spoken written to be transmitted asked . Always need to be the followers of complaints and stating that they do not fear , day and hour of the bus plate is reported as the major said. Distressed point shot at them in the form of sidewalks , to inform Korkmaz , could resolve the matter by correspondence with the required unit said.
Provincial Director of Family and Social Policy Dr . If Özkul Sunay , pay close attention to home care services in Bursa £ 11 million 14 thousand 700 people per month fee paid home care were told. Özkul change of address , the system is automatically cut costs , after a recent review of the fee is reconnected , so they wanted to be notified of any change of address . To take advantage of home care services Özkul describing the criteria , family awareness, educating children stated that they continued to work at the point .
End of the program the audience questions were answered by the speakers .

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