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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 19:08

2 People Killed in Mardin Bacanak Output

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Isidor's Kobani'nin in Mardin , who was killed in the incident after attack on Saudi Arabia's Ibrahim Fehad Elduveric (45 ) and Syrian Abdullah Muhammad Latif (43) turned out to be brother-in-law .

Mardin news: On October 8, in the district of Mardin Kiziltepe
with demonstrators who were killed after the Saudi Arabian authentication Elduveric Fehad Ibrahim (45 ) and Syrian Abdullah Muhammad Latif (43) was found to be brother-in-law . Syrian Abdullah Muhammad Latif Ibrahim's funeral in Mardin defnedilirk Fehad Elduveric the funeral of Saudi Arabia has been sent to the country .
FESTIVAL came to visit
Saudi Arabian Elduveric Kızıltepe'and construction worker residing in the home of Abraham, Muhammad, his wife's brother came to visit festivals . Sila-i to visit around the uterus Elduveric recognized as one that is very important , while returning from Mardin Kiziltepe manavlık Syrians who subsequently learned that his leg with Abdullah Muhammad Latif was downloaded from the vehicle . Elduveric killed in a brutal manner and Latif on them after it was learned that all goods received .

2 People Killed in Mardin Bacanak Output" comments for.


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