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  • 06 Ağustos 2013, Salı 13:16

200 thousand students in the gospel!

200 thousand students in the gospel!
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A student studying in a private university summer schools were justified lawsuit for the return of fees paid for. Supreme Court ratified the decision will set a precedent for more than 200 thousand students.

the private university student during the year, and the rest of the summer school for courses that can not provide an additional 7 thousand 500 TL for paying school fees Win Aytekin, won a lawsuit for the return of his pay extra fee. The court's decision, dated September 15, 2008 Council of Higher Education"private universities can not charge extra summer schools that"despite the decision that the schools continue to receive this fee also revealed. Accordingly, the decision of the case by showing that precedent, since the decision of the Council of Higher Education to students has found a way to get back to pay additional fees.

Estuary in 2005 enrolled in the University of Aytekin, graduated with honors in 2010. According to Milliyet newspaper, Aytekin, read on a regular basis during your tuition deposit, the term was not successful in summer school chose to stay in for some courses. However, a separate fee per each course Aytekin paid for summer school.

200 THOUSAND TO STUDENT RATIO After finishing school, summer school

extra wages paid to court for the return of Aytekin, the court paid a total of 50 thousand 252 pounds of paperwork documenting the school has to offer, for the summer school itself been argued that the extra 13 thousand 530 lira. File expert report prepared for the extra money given to the school for summer school classes was determined that 7 thousand 472 pounds.

Court after his trial, the university's summer school for courses that result in unjust enrichment of 7 thousand 472 lira, noting that the legal interest of money Aytekin ordered Turkey to pay with. 3 Supreme Court Approved by the Law Department of the decision set a precedent for private university students in Turkey to over 200 thousand.


dated 15 September 2008 in the case of HEC,"summer alınamayacağına extra charge students for courses taken in schools"was presented as evidence in court against the decision of the General Assembly. HEC decision,"the foundation students of higher education institutions in the academic year they register and charge for the period of receipt, the upper class and the previous academic year/period before the students who pay the fee for the taking, and charges the previously failed to obtain and re-received/paid a fee for obtaining a sub-class courses has been judged"the statement said. The court's decision, despite the decision of the Council of Higher Education, universities, students,"summer school fee"has continued to receive money under the name revealed.

200 thousand students in the gospel!" comments for.


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