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  • 13 Ocak 2013, Pazar 16:03

2013 ÖSYS'ye reference to the last reminder!

2013 ÖSYS'ye reference to the last reminder!
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2013 Student Selection and Placement System (University Entrance Exam), the application process will end on Tuesday, January 15.

Candidates Candidate Application Form 2013-University Entrance Exam Guide by ÖSYM ( have access to the internet address. Guide the distribution and sale made. Candidates are sent to centers if they sample application manuals examine referral centers within the application period.

Secondary Institution (School) Directorates and ÖSYS'de SSPC Test Center Coordinators will serve as a referral center.

senior-level candidates who have not yet graduated, the applications will be the center of reference is attached to schools.

graduation, candidates are currently 2011-University Entrance Exam and 2012-ÖSYS'nin a reference both to those who have not applied through the center of 2012-2011-University Entrance Exam, or educational information for those who have applied ÖSYS'ye those changes, the applications they want to be able to reference the center.

graduate state 2011-University Entrance Exam candidates who applied or 2012 ÖSYS'den and learning through the center of one of the information in the application not change in the individual applications via the internet if they wish, or they can contact the center at any one application.

2013-ÖSYS'ye (including pass without examination) for the contact, contact conditions, examination, evaluation, and placement on the rules and 2013-University Entrance Exam Manual operations are located. 2013-ÖSYS'ye candidates who wish to apply should carefully check this guide.

2013 University Entrance Exam Guide University Entrance Exam for the candidates of sight and hearing-impaired created as voice and video. Guide, by experts, visually impaired and hearing-impaired candidates, candidates for the sign language for the voice in the video image was prepared. ÖSYM video images that can be accessed via the website.

2013 ÖSYS'ye reference to the last reminder!" comments for.


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