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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:39

2014 Annual Inflation Up 8.96

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As of September 2014 00:14 percent , indicating that rising consumer prices stood at 1.90 percent in October 2014 YILSİAD President Feridun Özyüksel , of the said annual inflation rose to 8.96'y percent from 8.86 percent .

Bursa news: Photo gives information about the 2014 October inflation YILSİAD President Feridun Özyüksel , \"September 2014 percent as of 12:14 at the level of consumer prices in 2014 stood at 1.90 percent in October . Annual inflation rose 8.96'y percent from 8.86 percent. Central Bank, October 2014 inflation report in guessed would end mid-point of the 9.4 range to 8.4 percent , including 8.9 percent. If the inflation forecast said it would revise up 0.4 points compared to July , 2014. as the reasons for this revision , the impact has declined in'value in foreign currency exchange loss','increase in food prices'and'deterioration in pricing behavior'showed as . to take place in a policy environment that this state of domestic demand is low, inflation shows that the dynamics rather than a structural nature to assume management of conjunctural of a stiffness that occurs and the problem of monetary policy , \"he said .
general economic developments in our assessment regarding Özyüksel YILSİAD President , Federal Reserve that have ended the Fed's loose monetary policy , but that policy interest rate hikes while the uncertainty regarding the timing and size of the drive . In addition, the European Central Bank ECB , deflationary trends across policy interest in it went on sale and asset-backed Özyüksel reminding loosen its monetary policy through purchases of securities , the IMF estimates will slow down global growth , you will enter into a regular recession in developed countries and emerging while the country will remain below the potential growth drew attention to the need to remember that direction .
European countries, weak growth performance and close our geography despite geopolitical developments that occurred in October , exports of high performance show pointing Özyüksel , strengthening of deflationary trends in the euro area and political uncertainties , export and hence the contribution of exports to growth he said on that pose a risk.

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