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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Ekim 2014, Cuma 15:54

2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winners

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2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner and Indian , Pakistani child activist Malala Yusufzay child rights activist Kailash was Satyarth .

Stockholm news:
Earlier this week, starting with the announcement of the awards the Nobel Prize in medicine in the last winners of the Nobel Peace Prize have been announced. The Norwegian Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland statement, \"Malala , despite her young age for training girls'rights defended . Youths and children to improve themselves on behalf of the precedent has . Malala , all of them under dangerous conditions made ​​. Heroic struggle for Malala girls'right to education for be a leader , \"he said .
Jagland award winning other name by which the Indian Satyarth if this is for ,\"Kailash Satyarth the courage, Gandhi's tradition of preserving the children come out of obtaining problem focused , peaceful protests and demonstrations spearheaded . Satyarth , children's rights an important contribute to the development of international conventions , \"he said . Yusufzay and Satyarthi of the'children by suppressing the struggle'meat on the grounds that this year's prize they were expressed.
with an award Taliban responded
Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded Malala Yusufzay Pakistan's north the Taliban in the Swat Valley where the strong live. Malala Yusufzay , training at an early age and was recognized with the struggle for women's rights issues . Yusufzay , for girls'education campaign has been a major name in the country due . Malala Yusufzay , in 2011, the education of girls in the struggle for Pakistan because of a government issued a \"national peace prize \"was awarded.
Malala first region took over control to the Taliban lived his diary to the BBC, with a presentation was on the agenda . In this day the world's attention has written articles yusufzay reservations , the New York Times had taken place in the documentary . Pakistani girls go to school due to the continuous fight for the Taliban's death as listed in the Yusufzay October 9, 2012 while returning home from school, which was organized by the Taliban armed attack, was shot in the head and neck . Treated in a military hospital after the attack Malala have had health problems for a while . Belonging to the United Arab Emirates on October 15 with a special air ambulance and taken to England on October 12, Malalai Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Pervez Ashraf had visited the hospital .
born in India Kailash Satyarth the 1990s to the present day doing his work on children's rights . The Bachao Andolan an organization called Bachp Kailash Satyarth at the beginning of the 80 thousand so far defended the rights of the child . Global campaigns against child abuse Kailash Satyarth the social protection of the rights of children and to gain their place in society has worked within UNESCO . Satyarth living in India's capital New Delhi , the 1984 International Peace Prize was awarded in Germany . In 2007, the medal was presented to him by the Italian Senate Satyarthi areas of the country which awards took place in Spain and the USA .

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