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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 15:50

2014 Year Victim Services Commission Meets

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Malatya Special Victims Services Commission under the chairmanship of Deputy Governor Mehmet collected , which will begin on Saturday, October 4, 2014 ahead of Eid al-Adha feast days and discusses the measures to be taken .

Malatya Special Victims Services Commission under the chairmanship of Deputy Governor Mehmet collected , which will begin on Saturday, October 4, 2014 ahead of Eid al-Adha feast days and discusses the measures to be taken . Victims as cutting costs , including swimming and shredding cattle for slaughtering more than 210-TL sheep for slaughter more than 50-TL to be decided .
religious provisions of the citizens want , sanitation and environmental cleanliness while respecting their victims and the victims themselves to help to cut down or cut services to meet local needs in the decisions taken.
Victims sales area and operations to be performed on the decisions taken are as follows:
\"Detected sales area outside the street, parking area , neighborhood search in places like selling to people who pollute the environment because Environment and Urban Planning of the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate and Water Affairs and Forestry Regional Directorate according to the law the necessary criminal sanction to the implementation ,
Live animal Markets outer circumference of the sacrificial animal possession, sale and slaughter to prevent Municipal Police under the directorship of 20 police officers and by the Municipality will be provided 30 officials of the October 1, 2014 hours on Saturday 08:00 at the beginning second day of Eid October 5, 2014 Sunday day at 17:00h up to 24 hours a day to serve on the assigned staff uniform work clothes and officials sleeve to be donned ,
Live cattle market parking areas vehicles properly for parking , ensuring road parking to be made to prevent and traffic flow to ensure that the Municipality Transportation Services and Provincial Police Directorate of theft, robbery , counterfeit money incidents prevention measures to be taken . \"
slaughter areas and rules to be followed at the following:
slaughter places Malatya Big City Municipal Police Directorate to identify and cut the location information form commissioners institutions/organizations published on websites to ensuring that ,
designated cutting areas Metropolitan Municipality and the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate veterinarian/veterinary health technicians, Provincial Security Directorate police force, the relevant district Mufti of chaplains to be appointed ,
in your yard victims with their own resources to cut/cut those who want to , breeders also part of the necessary infrastructure for creating , religious terms, sanitary , environmental health fit and cruelty to animals without cutting on condition prevented not to
Provincial Public Health Directorate 4 to 5 October 2014. at 07:.05 to 17:00 live animal market supervision of the doctor and a sufficient number of health care professionals with an ambulance to be placed .
exact location because of inadequacy of live animals to the market a new cutting location to perform mayor advised to Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Directorate also besih home owners , besihane the appropriate cut areas to be created incentives for them to be .
plant efficiency, cutting costs and accounting operations like this were:
from citizens to cut the victim , and the victim to benefit from the property as cutting costs ( including swimming and shredding ) cattle for slaughtering more than 210-TL Sheep and goats for slaughter more than 50-TL receiving , from the proceeds establishment owners to be responsible , the
Cutting wages fourth in the workplace owners, 3.4 as a butchers partition to be , but its their consent-i temperament to intervene to
cutting areas sacrifice predict those who wish to order number given regularly to serve and sacrifice feast days victim services commission involved in the audit committee members , veterinarians , health technicians and religious officials overtime wages and other costs in order to meet as a sacrifice to cut small animals for the 3-TL 12-TL for cattle charge , the
Decree and pursuant to the regulations victim all kinds of accounting transactions TDV Malatya branch to by the expenditure by the commission, the decisions taken in accordance with the commission chairman of the Provincial Mufti or legal guardian's signature and realization .
the other hand, Live Animal Markets intra-and outside the sacrificial trading, cutting and other matters related to measures to be taken at the following will be taken:
about traffic regulations Municipality Transportation Services Department and the City Police Department teams 01/10/2014 date ( bank holidays included) to be made,
City Public Health Directorate , 112 emergency service procured and on holidays commissioning ,
illegal logging for the prevention of City Police Department , Police Department , the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate , Environment and Urban Planning Provincial Directorate enough staff to be appointed , the measures common to be taken ,
Live Animals in the market sacrificial cutting areas related to the municipality by the cleaning staff to be appointed ,
Feast Day 1 of slaughter in place to oversee the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate enough team to be created ,
bank holidays on other issues followed:
for feast days headquarters Metropolitan Municipality Police Department as a detection , to occur events notices and complaints 444 51 44 call centers, Alo Police 153 Police 155 , Alone environment 181, phones the use of health-related problems Emergency 112 have been reported , fleeing for cattle Municipality Veterinary Department Manager Sami Altas 0542 685 37 22 or veterinarian Mehmet Ozbek 0533 572 01 44 phone numbers to be notified ,
for slaughter where appropriate, Eid al-Adha 1st day of the October 4, 2014 on day Prayer after hours ( day Prayer time:07:04 ) 07:30 from the victim interruption is allowed , the
Commission decisions taken by the Provincial Mufti or Municipality Veterinary by the Director to be announced to the public through the media and other means ,
evaluation of the work done after the feast of the Sacrifice , and also to discuss new measures will be necessary to undertake the necessary meetings .

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