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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:27

2015 Year in Fife Badge Holder Plug Judges will be announced Wednesday, November Day 12 .

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Turkey Football Federation Central Arbitration Committee , 2015 FIFA list of referees will wear the Badge Holder on Wednesday, November 12 at 11:00 with a press conference organized to announce .

İstanbul news: Photo MHK President Zechariah Alba , UEFA Referees Committee Member Jaap Uilenberg and MHK Referee-in-Chief at the meeting Burcin will organize Sharp together , will be removed from FIFA and will be announced the referees will be included in FIFA . In
FIFA's athletic testing Those who fail Bulent Yildirim and Euphrates Aydınus'un were alleged to be firmly drawn from the FIFA refereeing . Photo Euphrates Aydinus and Bulent Yildirim instead as for who will be MHK for a long time until November of the list must be submitted in September for failing to decide the song that was learned . Photo Bulent Yildirim and Euphrates Aydınus'un FIFA Refereeing the future to leave the place with names and it was claimed that Ali Palabıyık install FIFA Korkart Özkalfa of Tolga . Tolga Özkalfa previously FIFA Badge Holder is wearing a name .
MHK FIFA to make changes in the task will help the referee . Photo 2014 FIFA REFEREE < br/> Photo Cuneyt Cakir Euphrates Aydinus Mete Kalkavan Photo Photo Photo Hüseyin Göcek Özkahya Halis Bülent Yıldırım Photo Photo Photo Baris Simsek 2014 FIFA ASSISTANT JUDGES Bahattin Duran Photo Photo Photo Orkin Mustafa Emre Aktas Eyisoy citrus Volcano Photo Photo Photo Serkan Ok Ekrem Blood Ong's Photo Tariq
Mehmet Cem Kemal Yilmaz Satman Photo Aleks Taşçıoğlu Photo

2015 Year in Fife Badge Holder Plug Judges will be announced Wednesday, November Day 12 ." comments for.


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