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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 01:06

2050 Plan of İzsu

2050 Plan of İzsu
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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, rolled up their sleeves to waste water and sludge already after 35 years.

İzmir news: 30 districts covering \"Sludge Management Master Plan \", the disposal of sludge to be established in the future Izmir and will be determined conversion facilities location and quality. The sludge in Photo subsubsidiary refuting biogas to convert and dried mud , saving the economy giant sludge digestion and drying facility services area of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the sludge from waste water treatment plants \"solar\"with the system ( solar energy) first from Izmir to dry \"solar sludge Drying facility \"which had opened in the Menderes in the Basin waste Water treatment Plant. Metropolitan is now unsustainable and economically set out to create a sludge management master plan . For the first time in Turkey, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be prepared by \"Sludge Management Master Plan\"for the tender process has been completed ; to carry out activities signed a contract with the company.
March 30, 2014 more in 9 districts after Bütünşeh Act of the local elections \"purification of waste water and the disposal of sludge \"that is responsible Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir Water and Sewerage General Directorate, the collection without damaging the environment of sludge and recovery of in order to provide \"Sludge Management Master Plan\"started to work . Plan will cover 30 districts in 2020 , 2030 , 2040 , and will include information on the nature and amount of waste water and sludge according to the population of the 2050 . In this plan , the quality of sludge disposal facility to be established in the future Izmir , location and characteristics to be determined. Planned new treatment plant will be set forth as necessary commissioning period in which these facilities . Sewage sludge in agriculture and new sludge digestion in wastewater treatment plants to ensure the re-use to obtain additional fuel in industry and drying facilities will be planned . Sludge disposal facility from the dried mud on the use of market research , transportation, will be evaluated taking into consideration aspects such as transport from the current regulations . Thus, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality , the city can adapt to changes that may occur in the future population and consumption patterns , sustainable and affordable \"Sludge Management Master Plan \"will have n. \"Sludge Management Master Plan\"will be completed in 9 months . Photo İZSU Directorate General stating still that 25 waste water treatment plants operating Metropolitan officials, \"from March 30 Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the number of facilities in izsu responsibility with the county involved in border 71'e rose . treatment without districts will be established treatment plants. existing treatment plants are also due to population increase , if necessary, capacity will be increased . in this sense,'Sludge Management Master Plan'for the work we do to build us a road map , \"he said .

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