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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 21:55

"21 Century Turkey and Democracy Conference"was given

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Civil Solidarity Platform (SDP) Chairman Ayhan Ogan,"along with the AK Party period can talk about a new era of democratization,"he said.

Malatya news: Civil Solidarity Platform (SDP) Chairman Ayhan Ogan,"along with the AK Party period can talk about a new era of democratization,"he said.
Information Highway Education, Culture and Social Research Centre (BILSAK) organized by the Cultural Generation Conference Series"within Turkey and Democracy in the 21st Century"issue was discussed.
Provincial Assembly Hall Meeting At the conference, the Civil Solidarity Platform (SDP) Chairman Ayhan Ogan with the journalist-author Ahmet Kekeç,"21st Century Turkey and Democracy,"an important descriptions found.
SDP Chairman Ayhan Ogan, the AK Party government, together with a new democratization mentioned may be noted.
Announced democratization package in Turkey established political structure, fundamental and essential to alternate packages that advocates Ogan,"The AK Party period, together with a new democratic era we can talk. example, from 2000 today, that last Democratization Package to 198 Democratization Package is described. than 12 years 198 Democratization Package explained, it recently announced the 199'nc package is. fact that all packages in Turkey established political structure reform will radically merits will change the packages are not. these are minor , is worthless, of no value are not mean you. these changes made in steps, all of these packages actually Turkey's new political structure to reveal the ground have formed. So normalization we call a revision study. A restoration work,"he said.
"CIVIL constitutional process we have attained are"
Ogan, Turkey's"civil constitution"called the process of capturing, noting that the following stated :"T URKIYE yet another step towards democratization reforms step has not been. According to me the reform step the first step of a new constitution to do. because our ever made constitutions, the 1921 Constitution, except for the state-centered and state self-renewal project. So the subject is the state. But the first time we civilians process we capture the situation. you truly civilian constitution if we can, that society will in revealing this will based on a political regime, a state structure revealed if we reform the beginning is there. Thereafter Turkey, that the constitution care according to the political regime can build. new democratic Turkey building process can start. Can you build a new legal regime. could build a new economic regime."
experienced conflict the purpose of conversion to prevent the claiming Ogan,"All security policies, foreign policy and important economic policy guardianship system, although not done. Selected ruling only trinkets work they did. Is this how it will continue? Or a new system to be built? America ' also the experienced is., Obama peace of the capital produced a political actor. And today interfere with those who want to change the status quo because they wanted Obama are blocked. Here Erdogan, not only Turkey but also the geography of the complete whole social structure together with the ability to convert and which it can convert a leader, because this transformation in order to prevent Erdogan from this duty they want to get. Politically want to liquidate up. we live is the clash,"he said.
journalist-author Ahmet Kekeç, the whole constitution of the soldiers and made by the bureaucracy, noting that"politics in Turkey continuously on the engineering work there. Prime Minister we choose. guy"yet, hang am it says,"and hanged. our eyes staring straight into the Prime Minister 'I hanged. stroke era recall the continuous intervention under the tutelage."you these jobs do not fuck"opinion there. constitution in the same way. 1876 constitution in start we did. 2,013 years have come to, is still a constitution could not do. us all constitutions, military and bureaucracy have done. Our constitution soldier makes, bureaucrats do. Like not, distorts new do,"he said.
Kekeç representatives of the people and against the will of the people be treated adolescents, arguing that said:"S ten times"You're making this parliamentary constitution. Constitution to make the constituent assembly is needed"is called. Okay constituent assembly, how would occur? How would we do that? However, a major upheaval to live, the political system will be abolished and will consist of the first parliament we Constituent Assembly will say. So constitution making, the impact requirement connects the a head. representatives of the people or the will of the people is being treated adolescents."

"21 Century Turkey and Democracy Conference"was given" comments for.


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