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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:03

22 condolence tent in the neighborhood

22 condolence tent in the neighborhood
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Seyhan Municipality, the village is in the status of the neighborhood turned , but with the center distance as a result of some services ahead of time can not get to their location condolence tent, tables and chairs sent
Mayor ZEYDAN fret , Seyhanlı each type of meet the needs of the social municipality of understanding is a requirement , said:\"Today's settlement 22 away from our place in our neighborhood condolence tent , table and chairs are sending such needs .

Adana news: It is for him to the city center, located in remote locations that may be encountered in our neighborhood needed in cases of death of condolence tent with tables, chairs and tea urn as the materials are delivered to our headman permanently . Thus the day or during the night summer or winter encountered sad face of events needed condolence tents , village headmen our immediate need, deliver them to be able to , \"he said.
Changing Metropolitan Law Referring to the Seyhan Mayor ZEYDAN fret , depending on the county 96 districts , 22 of the center is quite far , so some of the services on time to go to such an application go , he said. fret, \"Seyhan Municipality, SeYHaNLı the birth to the last breath , even the last breath after serving duty of our necks ,\"he said .

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