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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:55

23 Illegal Cigarettes Carton was destroyed in Eagle

23 Illegal Cigarettes Carton was destroyed in Eagle
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Eagle Municipal Police Department teams, Kartal Esentepe leak during a routine check in their neighborhood markets and they have determined that bandrolsüz confiscated 23 cartons of cigarettes.

İstanbul news: Photo Eagle Esentepe routine checks in the neighborhood market established in the neighborhood who Kartal Municipality Police teams , has detected the leak and bandrolsüz cigarette sales . Benefiting from the crowd during the seizure of 23 cartons cigarettes , the claimed identity of an unknown person on mobile stalls selling cigarettes , escaped , lost the permit . 23 cartons of various brands and phrases carrying contraband cigarettes bandrolsüz , was taken to the Eagle Police Department teams by Aydos Yakacık-minutes after the eclipse and was destroyed in a controlled manner by burning. Across the district audit team to thicken the Eagle Municipal Police Department on the subject and continues his practice in the market district . Located in the assessment of the Mayor of Eagle Photo Topics Op. Dr. Altınok Oz, \"established within all districts in 12 markets police crews of all necessary controls and practices to continue . Public health is the most important factor for us. Public health threats will continue our studies and measures for all kinds of action. All police staff my congratulations ,\"he said .

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