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  • 31 Ağustos 2014, Pazar 05:13

250 Candles'I love you', then asked me to marry

250 Candles'I love you', then asked me to marry
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Prepare a people on the beach in the district of Zonguldak Eregli the 250 ADAT candles for lover'I love you', then made ​​a surprise marriage proposal .

Zonguldak news: Karadeniz
. Ereğli living in the town 28-year-old mechanical engineer Hayrettin Bitaraf met two years ago her lover surprise marriage proposal did.
A day earlier on the beach proof that Hayrettin Bitaraf close friends than to be made a surprise marriage proposal to prepare and asked for help . Hayrettin Bitaraf lover bankers Seda Sener friends in Düzce going to take away feverishly Eregli Museum Ships on the beach next to the Alemdar made ​​preparations . 250 Candles'I love you'in letter to Bitaraf friends , make slideshows wish balloons lit . Young couple Alemdar museum ship next arrives friends meş'al they burn , Irem Tanner's sung \"Thank God , a thousand thank you gave me'song play began. Valentine with musical accompaniment for a while dancing Hayrettin Bitaraf then lover Seda Sener \"Turkey where in the matter , under any circumstances , whether on a pillow to live with me are you in? \"he was offered marriage and lover yes responses received . a day before the rehearsal almost karakolluk be a situation experienced in voicing Hayrettin Bitaraf , proposing the dear Seda Sener everything there , he said. Hayrettin Bitaraf different from a marriage proposal expected , indicating that Seda Sener, the whole day next , while a difficult organization opting expressed. a cafeteria to marry , waiting for the organization came with a surprise marriage proposal itself was very happy that he said.

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