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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:00

28 thousand people a year, took a course in Van

28 thousand people a year, took a course in Van
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Turkey Statistical Institute ( TSI ) Regional Director Ozer Coşgun Van Van, in 2013, 28 thousand 587 people attending the course receive a certificate , he said.

Van news: According to a study conducted by TSI
Turkey, has announced the results of non-formal education activities . UAV in statements to reporters, Regional Director of TSI Van Ozer Coşgun, according to the results of this research in 2013 in Van, a large increase in the number of participants in courses , he said . Coşgun, \"In this study, ministries and institutions/organizations , universities , municipalities, associations , unions , foundations and associations are covered. These covered as in 2013, in Turkey, a total of 72 thousand 321 courses were organized. These courses participated in number of 3 million 415 thousand 233 people , finishers and 3 million 294 thousand 418 people respectively. Van in 2013 number of courses the previous year by 8 percent increase realized a total of 432 courses were organized. these courses of 28 thousand 689 people participated , 28 thousand 587 people graduated . the previous year with respect , courses, number of people attending percent in a 68 , finished the number of people the 75 percent increase was realized . Mus in 2013, 151 courses have been organized , participated in these courses and graduates persons 2 thousand 593 respectively. these data and previous year, according to the number of courses by 40 percent , while attending to the courses and completing the number of people an average of 40 per cent decline was seen . Bitlis in 2013, 206 courses have been organized in these courses , 5 thousand 241 people participated , 5 thousand 180 people graduated . In this case, a 1 percent over the previous year in the number of courses , number of participants and 28 percent in the number of graduates has experienced a 20 percent decline . In Hakkari , 245 courses have been organized in 2013 , and finished the number of people who participated in these courses was 5 thousand 432 . 23 percent in 2012 according to the number of courses , number of people attending courses and courses completed 27 percent the number of people has decreased by 25 percent . TRB2 completing courses in the area, 61 percent of men, women constituted 39 percent . In Turkey, these rates are 57 percent male and 43 percent female respectively. By province-formal education activities are concerned, the more the course of 17 thousand 808 in Istanbul, 8 thousand 651 Ankara, 2 thousand 969 and Antalya, 2 thousand 622 Izmir, 2 thousand 332 Adana and two thousand with 39 in Bursa was organized. At least 151 courses organized in the provinces of Muş , Ardahan 149, Igdir and Tunceli was 75 134 . Within the scope of non-formal education activities in Turkey in 2013, the institution/organization number of courses organized by 6.9 percent compared to the year 2012 has decreased. The course , held in Turkey in 2013, 65.1 percent of the ministry and its agencies/organizations , 21.9 per cent of the municipalities, foundations and associations 7.3 percent , while 5.6 percent of other institutions/organizations by was carried out . The type and nature of non-formal education Given ; In Turkey, 48.7 percent of graduates of trainees'courses and private lessons', 38.9 percent'seminars', 12.4 per cent of the job'guided basic education'areas that can be seen. TRB2 is located in Van province in the region , however, 68 percent of gradutes'courses and private lessons'29 percent'seminars'and 2 percent'guided basic training at work'has been in the field . Courses with a maximum of 27.8 percent in Turkey, social sciences, business and law in the area was held. Education and Training Areas Classification ( FOET ) in 2012, according the social sciences, business and law courses organized in the area from 16.3 percent in 2013, rose to 27.8 per cent . Service second with 19.1 percent of courses in the field of the humanities and the arts took third place with 15.5 percent , \"he said.

28 thousand people a year, took a course in Van" comments for.


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