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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:07

28 years later they live in Fethiye new rally point your excitement

28 years later they live in Fethiye new rally point your excitement
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Despite finishing their military service 28 years ago, coming together each year Bornova 57th Artillery Brigade Barracks sure Bee former soldiers, made ​​in Fethiye holiday barbeques .

Muğla news: Diamond Hotel in
perform at this year's meeting friends old soldier , has become a traditional meeting that performs every year in a different city . 2-day holiday from the same platoon of 40 soldiers in the vivid memories , squadron commander Sergeant Retired Erikçi Kadir , the troops were re-muster book . Nizamettin Doðanay through the efforts of his fellow soldiers called in a different city each year, collected 57 Artillery Brigade soldiers gathered in Antalya next year to catch up . They perform each for a meeting on them , \"57th Artillery Brigade Sure Bee Barracks \"written garments who fellow soldiers , muster , then push-ups did not neglect .
Division commander Retired Sergeant Kadir Erikçi , the reporters said that , 28 years ago, 57th Artillery Brigade military service who work former soldiers discharged their date so far from each other breaks , he said.
soldiers sorrows and joys of each other as a support to overcome stated that they Erikçi , \"the person's teeth when it hurts all the teeth hurt. , I like this valuable soldiers commands for the I count myself lucky I am . 77 years old I live my life the last days . until my last breath of my offspring to participate in elaborating the days , \"he said .
Nizamettin Doðanay keep the soldiers to reach friends thanks to the start Daybook told. Doğanay, five years ago from her son's social networking site diary is kept in the military was doing research in finding the name of friends together and hold a gun to his fellow reaches said. Social networking site, the discharge is in union with friends after years of meeting spearheaded said Doğanay with friends 5 years 10 meet once they then in different places meeting would continue , he added.
In the army santralcilik that Nazim Aygun meeting the first of Doðanay with the initiatives do indicate that , by gathering in a different place each year, stressed that refreshes the memories of 28 years . Soldier in the commanders also reaching the meeting included that they Aygun, \"Our commander in breaking us the entire meeting our attending, and with us having fun is . Together past memories is telling , oral report whether , muster're doing . This Capture your want to continue . Participation growing every day ,\"he said .
Akin existing in Turkey, such a coming together and this is another group gathered in faith , he argued. Military memories important for men stated that the existing , \"We are very happy. Country from all over have friends . These people to gather hard. We happily this friendship we eat . Military together we have everything we we share our friends for years to pass but again very nice to find feeling. I hope that this association will take many years , \"he said .


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