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  • 04 Ekim 2013, Cuma 10:31

2.9 million passwords stolen

2.9 million passwords stolen
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Popular visual design program Adobe Photoshop to produce firm was attacked by hackers.

the attack, some of the programs source codes and information for millions of customers was stolen. 2.9 million affected by the attack, said Adobe's. Adobe Systems was attacked by hackers. Popular software, the company said in a statement attack, making the source code used in the attack had been stolen, and stated that users of these codes.

progrmlar stolen source code creator of the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat and Internet applications, ColdFusion ColdFusion Builder is used to produce the cards.


Adobe 2.9 million customers in addition to the attack name, user identification information, and the stolen information, such as credit card numbers were announced. Adobe security chief Brad Arkin, said in a written statement,"are at risk of attack after the attack on our customers we do not have concrete information,"he said.


Adobe users against fraud unit of the U.S. National Security Agency computer to be careful when uyarsını, the company says it will change passwords for customers around the world are affected by the attack. Adobe, but also widely used in visual design Photoshop The program also produces. Photoshop's an explanation of the codes have been stolen from the company made the announcement.

2.9 million passwords stolen" comments for.


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