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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:20

2/B Extends Deadline for Sale of Immovable

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Revenue by Bart 2/B press release regarding the sale of land has been released .

Revenue by Bart 2/B press release regarding the sale of land has been released .
In this paper, supporting the development of forest villagers and forest boundaries on behalf of the treasure with the assessment of the places out sale of agricultural land to extend the duration of the treasury said.
Bartin Province Revenue made ​​from the description, \"April 26 , 2012 and 28 275 in the Official Gazette promulgated 6292 No. development of forest villagers supported and treasure on behalf of forest limits the places out with the assessment of the treasures of the sale of agricultural land on the scope of the law on sale which is the subject of 2-D real property in the eligible ones buying the application period kidnappers with the applicant and the name summoned even though payment time spent with the people on the other hand , 6527 numbered law enters into force as of the date of purchase , contact expires with those payment period ended those who are not additional period not given the nature of the application and payment timely care in the should be . Additionally 6292 Law No. Article 6 of the tenth paragraph located in the eligible to identify subrogation , the rightful owner or heirs of the law enters into force after the date the notary public will be organized by consent not in the form of the contractual subrogation provisions are valid provision law No. 6527 also includes who will benefit from . For more information, or goods related to the Directorate of Revenue should be consulted \"the statement said .

2/B Extends Deadline for Sale of Immovable" comments for.


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