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  • 08 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 20:33

3-D printer body

3-D printer body
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Chinese researchers have used a variety of live cells with three-dimensional printers designed human bodies.

Chinese researchers, thanks to the 3D printer used in living cells of various human organs tasarladı.Hangzhou Electronic Science and Technology University researchers cells in 3D bio-printer cartridges and other bio-materials, ear, nose and various parts of the body like the face of Professor Xu yapabiliyor.Üniversite Ming'en normal 3D printers metal sinker and using similar materials, bio-printers etti.Üniversitenin live cells expressing only available for the production of bio-research center officials, thanks to a pair of 3D printer to bring the human ear has a structure which is compact and spongy, osteoblast resulting from the maturation of cells used söyledi.Prof osteocytes. Xu,"compared to other 3D printers, 3D bio-printer, five degrees to 260 degrees rotatable spray has a title. Way to position the cells in the structure, the minimum level of destruction to lower this title allows cells. Cells can use it in the best way. 3D bio-printers, other bio-materials are compatible"with the technology dedi.Mevcut lungs, heart and internal organs such as kidneys produce requires a much more complex process of saying. Xu produced 3D printer can take many more years of organs noted that the practical application in the clinical setting.

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