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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:39

3-Dimensional Ultrasonography in Sinop device into service

3-Dimensional Ultrasonography in Sinop device into service
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Follow the color used in pregnancy and gynecological examination device Sinop dopplerusg Ataturk State Hospital and at the Hospital opened Boyabat 75 years .

Sinop news: According to
ultrasound device that provides a sharper image , color-black/white output doppler device which is able to face and body form of the baby is seen more clearly . Commenting on the subject of Sinop Secretary General of the Association of Public Hospitals Oper . Dr. Tolga head, \"Atatürk State Hospital and Boyabat 75th Anniversary of Gynecology and Obstetrics Polyclinic services to entering the color Doppler features of ultrasound ( USG) appliance with the diagnosis and treatment than would be easier. Color Doppler device with the pregnancy or babies anatomical examination is an easy matter , baby's hand and arm and external appearance of anomalies in the baby in the cleft lip diagnosis, spinal abnormalities and some anomalies diagnosed earlier detected and treated process fast and reliable will be . congenital uterine disorders in the diagnosis of ovarian cysts in the investigation , the mother of uterine vasculature doppler development with pause and gestational hypertension at high risk for having these devices are used in the diagnosis of pregnancy and early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy with color Doppler is easier , \"he said .

3-Dimensional Ultrasonography in Sinop device into service" comments for.


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