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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:05

3. Miyazaki Erek Mountain Climbing

3. Miyazaki Erek Mountain Climbing
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Van on 23 October and 9 November 2011 between Miyazaki held on 3 rd this year to commemorate those who lost their lives in the earthquake Erek Mountain Climbing completed.

Van news: Photo Van Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate, Centenary College and Valley Nature Sports Club and Mountaineering Provincial Delegation jointly organized by 3. Miyazaki Erek Mountain participants of the climb , the availability summit reaches earthquake in silence in memory of those who lost their lives , then pray they . The Submit athletes from Denizli climbing Bicen, jumped Van earthquake in life losers commemorate Erek Mountain parachuted from the summit . Saying that
a challenging climbing mountaineering Van Representative Fatih Access , \"Van in earthquake climb we made in memory of those who lost their lives , that aimed at helping victims of the earthquake and the second earthquake we have lost the doctor Atsushi Miyazaki name of life. the Japanese have given the name of this climb to perpetuate the name in our volunteer brothers. one of our friends climb due to the weather conditions had to go back leaving the half. Nonetheless, we reached our goal and in memory of our fellow citizens who lost their lives also very pleased to have organized such an event . Contact supporting this organization Youth Services and the Sports Provincial Directorate , Centenary University students , I thank Valley Nature Sports Club to our friends participating in sports and climbing , \"he said .

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