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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:41

3 Nations Inter-Classical Turkish Literature Symposium

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Professor in Sanliurfa .

Professor in Sanliurfa . Dr. . Abdulkadir Karahan commemoration of the 3rd National Symposium on Inter-Classical Turkish Literature began.
Turkish Language Association and Harran University and organized by Osman Bey, on the campus of the symposium held prior Abdulkadir Karahan prepared in commemoration of the photo exhibition opening ribbon cutting Sanliurfa Governor İzzettin Small and invited guests , the works exhibited after visiting the Faculty of Science and the amp has passed. Of silence and the National Anthem after reading his opening speech the Governor İzzettin little history of mankind's first science and technology not art and literature began to rise , he said.
\"Civilization's first light literature beamed ,\"he continued to talk the Governor Small , \"in our culture, as the first literature has shown himself , and then in science rise was experienced. Abdul Qadir Karahan teacher's size is also here . his whole struggle for life in our literature claiming the fight was . himself here today, God's mercy , we salute with the words\"speech has ended .
Symposium , 5 to 6 May between Osman Bey Campus Faculty of Science and amp total six sessions form from different universities academics participation will end .
Symposium Governor İzzettin small as well as the AK Party Deputy Chairman spouse, Mayor Celallettin Güvenç Harran University President Ibrahim Halil Mutlu , Istanbul deputy Zeynep Karahan Uslu , the Turkish Language Association Vice President Ali thorn , academics, students and a large number of invitees.

3 Nations Inter-Classical Turkish Literature Symposium" comments for.


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