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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 15:40

3. The workshop was held at the meeting in Century Divrigi

3. The workshop was held at the meeting in Century Divrigi
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\"Workshop of the Century\"and called Sivas Tourism Workshop held in Divrigi for concrete steps taken important decisions in the district meeting.

Malatya news: \"Workshop of the Century\"and called Sivas Tourism Workshop held in Divrigi for concrete steps taken important decisions in the district meeting. Photo-Tourist business Tavita Köletavitoğlu City Planner and Journalist Cumalı Ünaldı Tourism Workshop of the tasks carried out by the district council of the meeting ; Kemaliye Governor Alper Farmer, Divriği Governor Naba Kumar, Network Governor Fatih Yakınoğl of Arguvan Governor Selcuk Yosunkaya , Arapgir Governor Thompson Erdemir, Divriği Mayor Hakan Gokce , Arapgir Mayor Haluk Cömertoğlu , Arguvan Mayor Mehmet Kızıldaş , Keb Mayor Art Fethiye Mounted historians Day gong , Arapgir Vocational School Dursun Özgüler , Arapgir Vocational School faculty and staff attended the event. speaking at the opening of the Photo Meeting City Planner-tourist business Tavita Kömetavitoğl of the importance for tourists and local values ​​for the region counties which to tourism , yet the hygiene of tourists , cleaning and the importance given to punctuality, those who want to spend time in the area for 4-5 days , to find anywhere a commercial value they went on to mention necessary. following a Photo Opening remarks were given the right to speak to district governors and mayors , respectively. Starting with the first speech of the meeting, which was hosted Divriği Mayor Hakan heavens . President of the heavens , and of the county , and important information about Divriği to make suggestions . Sky, \"needs to be created in tourism package. Our district have the capacity of 250 beds . Our merchants were brought to another level of educating . He developed Kemal and came to a certain level . There are nature has Arapgird date. Should be done preparatory to remain in one day district of visitors and the media should be prepared. Promotion is not done if the results can not be reached quickly . Municipalities our must surely tourism shares already separating from the budget. we need to wake wondered acting partners . we intend to have the Honeysuckle streets. should join the ladies involved. should create a public budget. 30 thousand with common budget we create , \"he said .
Malatya Arapgir County Mayor Haluk Cömertoğlu also made ​​a speech . in the speeches made during the Photo Meeting , District Governors and Mayors strengths and to identify weaknesses , with movement by the synergy to be generated to obtain higher shares for investment from the tourism pie, right for awareness can be made to guidance work , tour the trip plan to perform operator to offer touched on issues such as the ready . boundaries in Photo District despite being adjacent to each other, differences and past experiences with the wrong government, bringing together together away from the district for various reasons , such as the breaking of old ties common this meeting filled out in terms of collection work and effort in the denominator , by some participants \"Workshop of the Century \"was called . Photo 3 made ​​Tourism Workshop to be performed as an emergency in accordance with the conclusions reached at the meeting , the items in it are as follows:Photo Each the creation of working groups in the county , the removal of the tourist attraction of the district inventory, prepare files for each county's tourism , regional tourism already in the budget for the district municipality 20-30 thousand. allocation of the district in existing places of attraction to make enough of environmental conditions , making the landscaping , cleaning, car park and immediate removal of the WC needs , the creation of Tourism Workshop Secretariat , the district one person from each district , a person should also identify the two people, including the municipality , the tourism package making that can be taken to the tour operators , regional tourism for the preparation of a white paper covering six districts , the consideration of field joint promotion name into six districts , the submission established at the next meeting . at the end of
meeting, the next meeting on 5 December 2014 in Elazig it was decided to do the Keb District . Photo

3. The workshop was held at the meeting in Century Divrigi" comments for.


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