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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 20:53

3. Turkey Basketball League

3. Turkey Basketball League
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3. Turkey Basketball League ( TB3L ) Bilecik struggling FC, was defeated 89-65 Mugla Forest .

Bilecik news: Photo Bilecik Bilecik Ataturk played in the Indoor Sports Hall 4. FC TB3L week of competition , as Mugla Forest 89-65 defeat , losing in the 4th match played by upset fans .
both teams started the match balanced each other with mutual polling numbers found , the first period was finished ahead 16-21 Muğla Forest . The second period in the game a little weight put Mugla Forest , Hussein Amir Nouri and Feyyaz Discussion Find where numbers were close to the first half 30-38 ahead. The play public a little more compact with fans edition in
third period Bilecik FC, he found Ozer Başsezgin the the difference between the three point shooting was hindered . In this period the three pointers that Başsezgin at Ozer , Ahmet Orkin Senel and responsive with Demetgül Muğla Forest , finished ahead score in the third period 48-57 . Cem Koçali after his move to the third period with three-pointers in the final seconds it finds Bilecikspor took the side of the tray, and then was involved in this movement and in-field bleachers at a time . Who objected to the finding that the movement did Bilecik FC Head Coach and ethical Growing Khan offensive foul gave the referee the match due to this objection . Mugla received last period starting with the offensive foul Forestry , Istanbul Belediyesporlu players put the game well with the decrease in dominance from the game. Players of Muğla Forest team in the last period he found Feyyaz Discussion threes and Cem Koçal'ın won the match with a spectacular game 65-89 . Head Coach of Muğla Forest team Commenting
end of the match Hamdi Gürcan, began by greeting the words Bilecik Belediyespor'un . Bilecik Gürcan indicating that a good team team , \"We evaluated we played better than them. Errors are better. Both teams also congratulate and Bilecik Belediyespor'un I wish them success in their next match . If my own team will look to the next game. To come to a better place the team is working well , we are working , \"he said . Photo Bilecik FC head Coach Growing Khan press release did not come to the end of the match itself was represented by assistant coach Ismail Aynur . Furthermore , said they lost 3 consecutive weeks , \"We want to make our house did not happen again . The recovery we started playing good basketball , we are in the process . In this game , then we will reflect hopefully score. Congratulations to Muğla Forest team . He may be a better match a little dertliyim the referee . After more we hope he'll be fine , \"he said .

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