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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:09

3 Victories in 3 Matches from Yunusemre Belediyespor'un

3 Victories in 3 Matches from Yunusemre Belediyespor'un
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Yunusemre FC faced in week 1. Amateur 3 Ulucamispor know the separation was also 3rd in the league win the match by 2-1 .

Manisa news: blue-and-whites who maintained that
Championship, Erkan in the fight that left 9 people and defeating the goals opponent score from Jonathan's foot has taken the 3rd match of the 3rd win.
match played Ertugrul Wishes Sports Facilities good fight specimen showing Sadat Öngider the students had the joy of victory to the fans in the third match . Photo Yunusemre FC Head Sword Rock , noting that progress confidently towards the team championship , \"Yunusemre FC a very good starting caught . this output is to resume in the coming weeks we want to . we're the best of our best in line with our goals. our teachers and our players are happy for the fans by taking the lead towards the championship in a good coordination. I hope you continue the good output , \"he said . that
Yunusemre FC Technical Director Sedat Öngid If this match very difficult phrase by \"we continued to struggle despite having 9 people in our game. we beat our competitors with a score at 2-1 in consequence . I congratulate my players have shown good fight , \"he said .

3 Victories in 3 Matches from Yunusemre Belediyespor'un" comments for.


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