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  • 31 Mayıs 2013, Cuma 20:34

3 Way to Obtain Smooth Hair

3 Way to Obtain Smooth Hair
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Do you love soft and shiny hair? Here are ways to achieve:

Electricity for damaged and dry hair when it needs delicate care, hair creams, hair root moisture content, confining the hair, giving each wire will help improve softness and smoothness. There are three different methods you can choose according to your hair:

Cream Rinse


What it is:to treat split ends, hair, body, closing temporarily solve and repair the hair, allowing the hair to flow from the other wires daily formula.

How to use:to rinse your hair after shampooing, squeeze excess water from your hair to throw, soaking in the amount of palm Take a small ball. (Start with your hair after the necessary add a little to avoid being pressed) that follow to the ends of your hair. Continue to follow the correct roots absorb moisture and allow the conditioner before rinsing (about two minutes). Keep away from the roots or even flatten your hair conditioner.

Rinse hair care cream

What it is:that gives shine to hair, moisture, saving, taking control of electricity, and in some cases strengthen weak hair strands to protect hair from heat cream, spray or serum type, hair conditioner.

How to use:spray lightly spray 15-20 inches away. In serum, and creams, palm of your hand, pour remainder fingers broadcast then inserts her hair 2/3 Follow reputation. Concentrate on the most damaged part of the hair with the ends.

enriching mask

What it is:is used once or twice a month deep restorative effective moisturizer. Chemically treated or damaged hair is made for heavy dense and solid formula that revitalizes the hair shaft and the hair giving the status of the lost moisture and nutrients, strengthens the back.

How to use it:into small pieces, each 3-inch sections of hair, apply the mask and massage the roots. Comb with a broad rim combs (start at the ends and avoid stumble), then wrap your hair with a towel, warm (hot hair to absorb more moisture from the top layer and helps to open) through the shower head or hair and wait for 10 minutes before rinsing your hair.

Author: Marie Calica, Marie Claire blog, former beauty editor and
builder. Writings often The Style Glossy Turkey 'in Turkey contributes to edisyonuna.

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